It’s getting harder and harder to resist the urge for impregnation fetish fun. It always makes my clitty throb, thinking about getting a hot load of cum into my fertile ebony pussy. So this Christmas fuck being nice, I am being ALL naughty. I found the perfect person to accept my wet gift, my sister’s husband.

Impregnation Fetish – “She’s out of town, come over!”

One afternoon, I pick up the phone and dial their house number. Malik answered the phone sounding sexy as ever. “I know Keisha is out of town, “I told him. “But I got a present just for you. It would be a shame to leave it here all the way til Christmas” He agreed and was at my door within minutes.

It didn’t take long for our festivities to begin. I really enjoyed teasing him, as I watched his cock get hard. His eyes didn’t leave my body, as I bent over to tease him with my sexy ass.  I could hardly wait for him to unwrap his package. He pulled me close, as he kissed and licked me all over.  Like a hungry animal, he began shedding my bra and panties. He was feasting on my nipples as I undid his pants to release his long thick dick. Stroking him slowly as his fingers slid in and out of my cunt. I needed him inside me.

I am ready for that baby batter!

With great anticipation, he slid his thick head inside my waiting cum trap. I couldn’t help but let out deep moans of pleasure as he plowed deep inside of me. My legs draped over his shoulders as his huge balls slapped up against my ass. His moans and grunts became so animalistic, as my pussy squeezed his baby maker with each orgasm. The more I came, the harder he thrust his dick deeper into my squirting hole.

I could feel his pace quicken, with each stroke. I opened my pussy lips wider so I could get every inch of his massive cock. “Breed me, baby”, I said as I rocked my pussy up and down his dick. My pussy sucked on to his bare unprotected cock as he squirted his cum deep inside me. Not moving another inch, he left his cock to drain inside my soaked pulsating pussy. Looking for the perfect place for your seed? Let’s Breed because I am ready to get pregnant!

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