Impregnation Fetish:  He Loves Filling My Fertile Womb With His Seed – Part 2

Impregnation Fetish. Yesterday, we left off with his head between my legs and me dying to feel his tongue on my clit and in my pussy.

Now, that you are caught up, the story continues.

He knew exactly how much I’d come to love his impregnation fantasy.

Even more so, the lead up to impregnating me.

As a matter of fact, by the time he was done worshiping my body, I was dripping wet with anticipation.

Then, as his body hovered over mine I felt his cock slide between my legs and spread the lips of my pussy.

When he leaned down to kiss me, and as his tongue danced with mine, our bodies became one.

Furthermore, it was slow and lustful lovemaking.

My legs wrapped out and around his giving me leverage to thrust up to him as he came down into me.

Our climaxes built slowly which only made the intensity of them that much stronger.

The thought of him filling my fertile womb with his seed had me thrusting up harder.

As my orgasm took me over it was all he needed. I told him I wanted him to cum inside me; to fulfill his impregnation fantasy and make it real.

Moreover, I wanted to feel my belling swelling as his baby grew inside of me.

Of course, with that last statement, he leaned down and kissed me deeply as he spilled his baby batter into my unprotected pussy.

I could feel each spurt of cum releasing from his cock into my womb.

Our orgasms continued together until we lay there spent, breathing hard from our overwhelming release.

Would this time be it?

Did his impregnation fantasy finally come true?

Only time will tell!

I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

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