Are real life experiences the “root” of your impregnation fetish fantasies?

Yesterday afternoon I was pleased to receive a call from one of my regulars. Among other (absolutely filthy) things, he has more than a little bit of an impregnation fetish. Pregnant bellies, visions of filling empty wombs with virile seed seem to have so many men by the balls lately. My caller’s masturbation visions include inseminating every teenage girl he can get his hands on — and cock inside.

My client craves a specific, delicately balanced medley of humiliation phone sex, taboo chat, age play and rape confessions with a dash of incest fantasies. Between telling him his addiction to porn is out of control and how nasty his forbidden thoughts are, we sometimes “break character.” We joke around or talk about our “real” lives.

The funny, kinky, candid adult chat we had during our last call took an interesting direction. My caller revealed his wife’s inability to have kids and told me about their recent/ongoing struggles to find alternate avenues to parenthood. While leafing through glossy pages of bios and pictures of (young, pretty) egg donors, he couldn’t help but imagine just fucking these sexy, fertile women instead.

Doctor’s offices, tests, forms, and the cost of it all sucked the fun out of reproduction for him. Maybe his primal hunger to naturally inseminate every tight teenage cunt he sees is his subconscious sexual response to the hours spent in those sterile environments.

Now I tell him about what he really wants to hear: finding some passed out teenage whores. About how he’ll line them up and cum inside them one by one. Watching his creamy load ooze out of one young girl’s pussy while he forces his cock in and out of another gets him all hot and bothered.

Where does your naughty impregnation fetish cum from? I want to know. Call me, I’m right here waiting to hear your filthiest, truest confessions!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke