My Professor Gives Me a Lesson – An Impregnation Fantasy

“Ugh, another lecture for anatomy. Why can’t it just be a lab?” I thought to myself as I just sat there listening as intently as I could. I could not fail this class again. “Now, let us move onto reproduction and impregnation today, class,” my professor boomed from his lectern. “You see class when a man loves a woman…” his voice trailed off as I nodded off. “Oh well, I’ll just get the notes from a friend,” was my last thought as my head hit the desk.
Bang! I jump out of my chair to see my professor standing over me with a grin. “Impregnation not interesting to you, Raine?” “No professor, I mean yes professor. I’m sorry for falling asleep, I’ll do anything to pass! I can’t fail again!” his grin only got bigger, I knew what my professor wanted, hell I already blew two other teachers to pass… why not another? I reached out to undo his belt, only to have him slap my hand, “I won’t be as easily bought as my colleagues, you little whore. I’m going to have your sweet little twat, understood?”
My professor was pushing 45 but showed the strength and endurance of a 20-year-old. He bent me over his desk and slammed his cock into me. He didn’t hold back, didn’t wait for approval… he took me and I loved every inch of it. Spreading me deliciously open, hitting my cervix ever so right, making my legs quiver and buckle, that didn’t stop him though.

He just flipped me over and slammed back into me as he slapped my tits, making me wince in pain but groan in pleasure.

He finally started to slow, after a half hour of railing me into blissful oblivion, only to look me in the eyes and say “You like this, whore? You like the way my cock is splitting you wide open? You’ll probably love it, even more, when I fill you full of cum. After all, I want to make sure my student understands the lesson.” My mind went blank to those words as my pussy began milking him even more. I can’t believe that I wanted it, the thought of impregnation alone gave new life to my battered pussy as I started bucking up into his thrusts, needing it, wanting it.
It’s been an hour at this point and I’ve lost count of the times I sprayed his stomach and cock with my cum. He just kept railing me, and then it happened… his cock swelled, stretching me to my limit, he tensed up as he released into me. I came… Hard, my vision went white, my hearing faded out as it swept over me like a waterfall. Every nerve being stimulated as I convulsed from the pleasure, all the while my tight little hole milked every drop from his cock.
Needless to say, I passed and will be graduating next month. I got an even better graduation present than I could’ve hoped for… Twins. My anatomy professor knocked me up, and there’s nothing I’d rather have than his child. I know I’m addicted, and I’m going to be a good impregnation slut someday. But for now, I gotta tell the professor he’s a father.

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