Our Impregnation Fantasy: Part 2 Reap The Benefits!

Our impregnation fantasy continues and I must admit I love how you take advantage of my new-found sexual desires and my impulses. It makes me happy to know that you’re willing to fuck me when I need it and when you want it, no questions asked. I love how you bend me over the side of the bed and take me from behind. I love how I can feel your big full balls slap against my now chubby pussy. Can feel every single solitary vein on your throbbing cock, as you enter me and satisfy my overpowering need to be fucked.

Tell me something, how does my pregnant cum taste? Is it the same as always, or is it a little sweeter? I have noticed the way you look at my full tits, my round belly and my other ASSets, I definitely encourage you to take full advantage. This pregnant body is yours for the taking and even at a moments notice, I will crawl on my hands and knees to you, just to get a piece of action, just to feel you slide deep inside of me.

Aside from other things that seem to have improved with my new body, my hair is longer, my nails are stronger and you use them to suit your kinky desires!

You wrap your strong hands around my hair and fuck me hard, you fuck me so hard that the wild beast within comes out, with the sole purpose of ravaging my body. You eat my pussy like it’s going to be your last meal and you savor every ounce of flavor you can muster from my sopping wet pussy. And you love for me to wrap my long, soft legs around your body, bringing you in deeper and deeper and you finally encourage me to run my nails down your back, harder and harder as it adds intensity to your orgasm, while you’re blowing your wad deep inside of me, for the 4th time any given day.

You exploit the fact that my body is more sensitive, plumper and so easily persuaded to bend to your every will. Anything you can imagine I am willing to do, so long as you quench my need and desire to be penetrated. You don’t have to coax me into giving you what you want, exactly how you want it, as you know I am beyond eager to please you. You use my body and my perverted mind, to engage you in fantasies that far exceed a simple impregnation fantasy. We indulge in your insatiable appetite for sexual exploration, with no limits in sight, with no taboos to speak of, so tell me aside from the joy you would have from fucking my pregnant body, how else can I be of service to you? How else can I make your next orgasm, one of the best yet?!?!

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