It’s spring when every phone slut’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of – impregnation.

Or maybe that’s just THIS naughty phone slut!
By now, all you regular Kinky Kingdom readers know that I’m a dirty little homewrecking phone slut, and I had a huge impregnation fantasy regarding my best friend’s husband. He was supposed to knock ME up, but knocked her up instead! (The nerve!) So, for the last several months during her pregnancy, I’ve been teasing and denying his admittedly huge and satisfying cock. This has given me great pleasure, but I’m growing tired of not fucking him. His punishment was 9 long months without fucking this hot little pussy, OR cumming for me. Now that I don’t feel like carrying it to the end, what do I do? I don’t want to go back on my word!

Believe me when I say that I’ve enjoyed cock teasing him until he BEGGED to shoot his cum for me.

But, I’m really feeling the urge to let him shoot his seed deep inside my aching cunt and try to fuck his baby into me again! I can imagine how intense it’s going to be… the surprise on his face when I lower myself down onto his cock and he feels that tight wetness for the first time in months and months. I think I will keep it a secret that I’m going to allow him to cum – just let him think I’m performing the ULTIMATE tease and denial by letting him fuck me, but not get off! Can just imagine the look on his face and the epic orgasm he’s going to experience when I urge him to keep going… not to stop… to cum deep inside my fertile womb and get me pregnant!


Fuck it. I’M the head bitch in charge, and if I want? I can always go back to teasing and denying him again until his wife finally gives birth. It won’t be long now, and then he’ll have permission to be back inside this aching pussy anyway.  Why should I wait because HE’s being punished? I’ll just fuck him in the ass with my strap on a few times after to remind him who’s the boss! 🙂

If the thought of fucking me bareback and flooding my pussy with your cum makes you hard, call me!

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