Now That You’ve Impregnated Me, It’s Time To Reap The Benefits! Part: 1

It’s time to reap your benefits, handsome! Now that you have impregnated me, planted your seeds inside of me and my belly is growing, it’s time for you to enjoy the luxuries of worry-free sex. There must be something very erotic about being able to fuck a woman, with whom you’ve spread your seeds inside of and knocked up. Aside from the thrill of the act in and of itself, it must be nice then to fuck her repeatedly, knowing that you’ve already knocked her up and your paranoid days are over, at least for the next 40 weeks anyway. It’s time for you to take full advantage of our current predicament!

Almost immediately, you notice subtle changes in not only my body but in my demeanor as well. First, you notice how unbelievably and uncharacteristically submissive I’ve become and so willing to please you. Pregnancy has also shot my libido up to the maximum and I want to be penetrated at every possible chance. You’ve noticed my tits getting bigger and bigger and you can’t help, but run your hands, your face and your cock all over them! At one point, you naturally enjoy suckling from them, but that won’t happen for many more months, but when it does, you simply can’t get enough of your mistresses delicious nourishment.

Then, you notice that my little belly is starting to grow, which is cute at first, but then as it grows into this enormous round sexy bulge, you find yourself becoming more and more attracted to it.

There’s something very primal about it as if your initial instinct was to breed with me and now it’s time to take pride in watching your legacy grow inside of my tummy. I love it, when I am sucking on your cock, you then cum all over my stomach, only for me to rub it in, like cocoa butter. I’ve never experienced sensations like this before and more than ever I am loving the scent of you, the taste of you and the feel of you!

I really can’t help myself, when it comes to the idea of me getting rocked by you, the thought of you filling me up to the max, is nothing short of breathtaking. I feel like a caged tiger and I need for you to release me! At this point in my pregnancy, the way I crave cock is unlike any craving I’ve ever had in my life, especially since you knocked me up. I take one look at you and that bulge in your pants and immediately my body, my thoughts and my sex drive kick into full gear.

My body goes crazy and I have one thing and one thing only on my perverted mind, YOUR COCK!

Fuck eating the ice cream, I wanna smear it all over your body and lick it off! I wanna take your cock, dip it in chocolate sauce and keep it buried in my mouth until every single bit of that chocolate cleaned off that throbbing cock of yours. When I am in fuck me mode, there’s nothing that can deter me from getting what I want, not one thing and you’re just the man who can satisfy me. I love the benefits of being knocked up.

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