Mitch and I are great together. His wife is a cunt and always treating him like shit. He is a good guy that is working hard to provide for her. Of course, now, he is going to be doing the same for me. I am the Impregnated College Hottie and my neighbor is my baby daddy. We met at a neighborhood gathering and sparks were flying.

From there, we would see each other on our runs. Then, we were chatting more and more. Before you know it, he and I are having sex all the time. As a Queen Cock Sucker, he is in love with my skills with a dick. Callers are always telling me it is addicting during our Phone Sex Chat.

Additionally, my young tight pussy is also winning him over. We have a blast together and I love his big cock. I take a form of birth control, hoping it is enough. He is big on saying he won’t get me preggo, he thinks he is sterile. Why, because he hasn’t gotten anyone else that way his whole life.

Of course, he is wrong and I now know I am the impregnated college hottie!

Since I just missed my period, I am taking a pregnancy test. And, then, another pregnancy test. I can’t believe I am pregnant. Oh, my, gosh, this is not good news. When mitch comes over for dinner tonight, I have to tell him. No matter what he says, I will be fine. We are eating when I blurt it out. He is staring at me with this blank look.

Of course, I am ready to run for my life. I have no idea what is going through his mind. Then, he is smiling at me. WTF! He is getting excited, saying how he isn’t sterile. I am freaking out and he is overjoyed.

Are you serious, you are happy?!

Great, are you going to leave your wife and be with me? His answer is no. Do I have to raise the baby on my own? His answer is no again. I am confused, Mitch. He is looking into my eyes, telling me we will raise this baby together but in secret. It is our love child and it will be happy and healthy.

Oh, shit, he is serious right now. You want us to raise this baby in secret? Yes, he does and he believes it will work. He makes plenty of money to support two households. He is the breadwinner and in charge of all their finances. She will never know I was his impregnated college hottie.

He is promising a loving home for us all.

I am not sure how it is going to work but seeing his happy face, I say yes. We are making out as he is rubbing my tummy. Before I know it, he is undressing me and taking me to the bedroom. This man is rock hard and ready for me. I am blown away by how excited he is for our new baby. We make love all night long. In the morning I will face my impregnated college hottie situation but tonight I am reveling in his joy!

Impregnated College Hottie