I want to be impregnated with your baby. I want to spread my legs really wide and press on my clit while the juices from my pussy drain on to the sheets. Once those juices start flowing from my tight fuck hole there is nothing I can do to stop the craving that over takes my body.

Take out your cock and stroke it with long precise strokes. As it throbs in your hands I will lick my lips and curl my toes. I can fucking feel you already in between these soft legs. Our bodies belong together. You belong inside of me. This is how nature intended it to be. You continue to stroke as you walk over to me. I’m laying on the bed, under the total submissive spell of having your cock grow harder and harder right before my eyes.

My nipples swell as I push hard on the fleshy pink clit that glistens and trembles with every brush of my fingertips. I am intoxicated with lust and my body is yearning to be touched by your hands baby. You stand in front of me with your cock dangling in front of my face. Make me take it into my mouth. Make me taste and suck the very thing that will soon be inside of me, boning me hard and making my pussy cream.

I need to belong to you as you part my sweet lips apart and insert your penis inside of my mouth. The sucking is soft and slow at first and then as the rhythm of my suction gets more intense you grab the back of my neck and plunge your ENTIRE DICK DOWN MY THROAT. This is exactly how it will fill when you plow your cock inside of my fertile womb. Reaching underneath me and pulling apart my soft ass cheeks, allowing your cock to bury deeper and deeper inside of me.

Dig deep inside of my pussy baby. Make me take your man hood. Those hard controlled pumps will drive me crazy and make me scream your name just the way you like it. How long will it take before you are unable to control your pumps and you start to fuck the cum out of pussy? How long before you empty your balls deep inside of me and make me cum at the same time that you make me the mother of your child?

Impregnate me and fuck my ripe pregnant pussy whenever you want baby!



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