I want you to impregnate me.

I need to have your baby.

I’m not a mommy yet but I’ve always wanted to be one. I stopped taking my birth control and I’m ready for you to impregnate me. I need your baby inside me.

It’s the perfect time. I’ve been waiting for this, for just the right moment to create a child with you. You slowly strip me naked. Kissing my lips, my neck, down to my nipples. They’re hard, my breasts are already plump and they’re only going to get bigger. You reach between my legs while you kiss your way back up to my lips. You press your body against me. Your weight pressing me into the bed. Your growing cock on my thigh.

As you spread my pussy lips I immediately flood with sweet warm juices. Your middle finger slides up and down my slit. My clit swells and you press into it with your palm. My hips start to move in response, grinding against your hand. You slide two fingers inside me and groan because I’m so tight and wet for you.

You whisper “I’m going to fill you up. We are going to make a baby.” I almost cum right then. I kiss you deeply. “I need your cock baby. Please fill me up. Fill me with your seed.”

You press against me, pulling your fingers out. You grab your bare cock and run it up and down my slit. Then you pop just the head inside me. Teasing me and pulling it right back out. “Baby, please, I need you so bad.” You slowly slide your cock into me. All.the.way. Slowly moving your cock in and out of my tight wet pussy.

I’m dripping all over you.

I love how you feel inside me. I know I’m about to explode on your cock and I hope you cum inside me at the same time. My pussy tightens and I feel you start to empty your seed into my belly while I cum on your cock. You fill me up until your hot cum is dripping out of me. I just know I’m full of your baby now.

Let’s keep trying just in case;)

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