Impregnate this pussy is all I heard blaring in my ear as I watched some of Tony’s porn. Jeeze he had allot of this shit on his laptop.

Impregnate My Bitch was the first video I saw in his list of favs. I decided to have a go and see what this shit was all about. As of late I wanted to be spontaneous and find out what made him tick. No better way to find out what a guy is truly into when you check out his porn.

Sure enough he had a zillion things for me to look at. The only this I seemed the most drawn to was getting chicks pregnant…or the idea of it. No clue if any really did…but one of the videos ‘Impregnate My Bitch’ they showed the girl fast forwarded a few months with a nice heavy belly. I guess that fucker succeeded!

I took a cool shower to calm down my throbbing body. I needed Tony in a bad way. Seeing those girls in the video being pumped full of cum and then brought to orgasm over and over. I soaped up my body and could feel that urge I needed to touch myself.

I had no idea that Tony was watching me in the door way. He could hear my moans of pleasure.  Tony went back into the living room and took a look at the computer, he saw that I had been watching his porn. He stripped down and sat on the rolled arm of the sofa.

When I walked into the room naked to hide the evidence of using his computer, I found Tony on the sofa slowly stroking his raging hard on. I could see his cock all shiny with precum. I licked my lips thinking I was gonna get a taste of him. I crawled on floor and got between his legs and looked up to have a lick. Only he yanked me up and pushed me over the rolled arm of the sofa. My legs were kicked apart and wet cock rubbed up and down my hungry cunt.

Tony leaned over my back and said he wasn’t about to waste his cum to a blow job. He said he saw what I watched. He said he also had heard what I did in the shower. He shoved his cock deep inside with a single hard thrust. I was still sensitive from my first orgasm, I soon hit my second. Each push into my pussy made his cock pulse more precum deep inside of me.

I found myself begging for him to impregnate me. I wanted to feel what those girls felt in the video. I didn’t care that I wasn’t ready for a baby. I didn’t think about any of that. Honestly I thought of nothing but the hard orgasms this man was giving me. He told me to beg for his cum. I did, and I did it shamelessly! I even reached between my legs and cupped his firm sack to help milk every drop out of him.

With a loud roar and hard push, he unloaded his semen into my hungry pussy. After awhile he pulled out of me. He carried me to our bedroom and laid me down to sleep. I woke the next morning to Tony entering me again. He said he called my boss and told him I needed the rest of the week off…he had plans to get me pregnant!


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