I love teasing my neighbor Richard by playing with myself in the pool and flirting like crazy with him when he comes out to help me with odd jobs. I always thought I was making the rules and that I had control over him, but maybe not as I just received this email…

To my cum puppet, Geri
You know that I am the only guy in the neighborhood (outside of your live in fiance) and it just so happens that we live right next door to each other.  I have seen you lying out on your back deck sunbathing topless and rubbing oil over your tits.  I know that you know that I have been watching you from my upstairs bedroom window and you seem to revel in the fact that you think you have this control over me.  Well you don’t have control over me you little slut.  I have been on to your games since day one and have just been biding my time.  Inviting me over while your fiance is away under the pretense to help do something around the house and you wearing extremely revealing outfits and rubbing up against me.  The ‘accidental’ crotch rub followed by a quick smile and an apology from you just doesn’t cut it babe.  So many times I have wanted to just grab you by your hair, force you to your knees and make you suck my cock until you gagged on my cum.  Your flirtatious ways and sexual innuendos are now going to get you fucked like you have never been fucked before.  I am going to fuck you in ways that you have never ever dreamed of and I will not leave until I am done fucking every hole that you have and you are so full of my cum that it oozes from every pore of your body.  I can’t wait to bend you over the counter and slam my rock hard dick up that wet pussy of yours.  I want to hear you beg for more and scream out in pain and ecstasy as I spread those sweet ass cheeks and ram my big dick up your tight backdoor until you feel my balls slapping against your bare ass.  Be prepared my little cum whore as this will take all day and after it is all said and done you will be nothing but a puddle of fucked.  Oh, did I forget to mention that this will be a one time thing so that you end up under my control.  Every time that you see me after this your pussy will become instantly wet and that ass of yours will start to pucker wanting my dick deep inside one more time.  Not to mention every time that you see me, your sweet little cum guzzling mouth will start having flashbacks to how great my cum tastes as if you were tasting it all again.  All you will get from me after this is just a grin and a wave.  Do you think you can handle this, bitch?  I will be waiting for your answer and it had better be a good one or I will leave you to only wondering what could have been!
Your fed up neighbor,
I got so hot when I read it I had to immediately go to the bedroom, grab my vibrator and dildo and have a frenzied wanking session. I can’t wait for a chance to ask him to come over and fix my leaky faucet!
AIM/Yahoo: JerkitforGeri