One of my conquests came and bit me in the ass. I’ve been seeing David casually for a few months now and the other day his wife thought it would be fun to confront me in public and blackmail me. Now I’m her little fuck toy.

I was sitting outside a coffee shop when suddenly a woman sat across from me. I’d never seen her before  so I just ignored her. She pushed a DVD across the table and said that it was a sex tape she’d found in her husband’s laptop. The penny dropped and I knew I was the woman in it. She told me that her name was Claire and that she’d asked her husband David all about me. He’d told her everything, including the fact that I was married and he even gave her my address. I told her I got the message and I wouldn’t fuck her husband again but she said that wasn’t what she wanted. She’d watched the video and thought I was really sexy. She’s always been attracted to women but never played around with one before. I could either help her explore her bisexual desires or she’d show the tape to my husband. I couldn’t let that happen; my husband would divorce me and I love his money too much.

Claire took me to her place and said that David was at work all day so we’d be alone. I’d be coming to her place quite a lot when he was gone from now on, she informed me. She stood in the middle of the bedroom and made me undress her. When I got to her bra and panties she told me to take my time. I slid her panties off and she put her hand over mine, rubbing it across her skin. She told me I had soft fingertips, it was nice, much better than David’s rough hands.

She turned away from me and got on the bed. She leaned back and parted her legs as she beckoned me to her. I went to her like a good girl. I fondled her breasts, squeezing them and flicking my tongue over her nipples as they hardened. She liked that and I stuck a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it. After a few minutes she demanded I lick her pussy and she pushed me down on the bed. I got between her legs and knelt down. Her pussy was wet as I put my fingers on her lips and stuck my tongue out. I pushed it in her and her juices covered my tongue. Her flavor was amazing. She felt warm and wet as I licked along her walls.  I licked up to her clit and rubbed my tongue over it. She moaned as I rubbed my tongue in  firm circles and pushed a finger inside her. I pumped it into her pussy  as I licked her and she put her hand on my head, pulling my hair and telling me to keep going. I felt her body tighten and she started to cum.

I could feel her pussy juices on my mouth and chin as I got up and knelt on the bed. I waited for her to catch her breath and when she did she pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down at me. “You’re good with your mouth. No wonder my husband likes you so much. You can go now but I expect you here on Saturday at 2pm.”

I’d been dismissed like a whore and quietly left.


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