I’m Bisexual, And So Are You So Let’s Do It Together

Being bisexual used to make me feel ashamed. But then I realized how awesome it really is! Not being stuck in sexual roles, being free to be attracted to anyone I want. It’s really a rush in and of itself. Have you taken the plunge into accepting yourself yet or do you need someone that’s been there to take you by the hand? I’d love to be your guide into the unknown that is bisexuality.

Just think about it. With me, you don’t have to worry about being told that wanting to suck a dick is bad. I’ll walk you through it step by step, sensation by sensation. Imagine being with me and another man. You don’t have to hold back touching skin just because of who it belongs to. Our bodies can take the lead and who cares if it’s a sweet pink pussy or a big hard cock in your mouth, you’ll be in sexual heaven.

Imagine a position where you are balls deep inside my hot wet fuckhole with a big fat dick either pumping your mouth or your hungry little ass.

You’ll cum so hard with your dick in me with him pushing. And the feeling of wringing every hot juicy drop from that hard cock will be like nothing you will have ever imagined.

I know of which I speak, darlin’ believe me I do.  So I want to walk down your path of sexual awakening with you. I can make it such a fun trip you won’t ever want to come back. What better girl to be with than one that loves both sexes as much as you will? I can’t think of a better one! And being able to watch me suck his dick while you push your rod deep in his ass is just a nice little perk, wouldn’t you say? Want some Bisexual Sex Stories? Let me know and I’ll open up my story corner just for you! Nothing makes me hotter than having Hot Phone Sex!!