I was teasing someone online telling him “I’m better at your masturbation, then you are”

He laughed, and wanted me to prove it. So, to get his dick twitching,  I sent him my picture and he responded with “Damn baby, but, I still still masturbate myself better than you can”. I love a stubborn man; they’re more fun that way. I suggested moving things to cam so I could see him in action, and teach him a few “tricks”.

He was young and well hung. I told him that tonight his dick was mine and only mine. He would cum when and how I told him to. If he fucked up then I would log off and never play with him again. If he behaved himself then I’d keep him in mind the next time I wanted some online fun. He told me I was all his. I said it would work best if he kept his mouth shut and just obey me. He nodded and waited for instructions.

I told him to wrap his hand around his dick and slowly stroke himself; do it gently and pretend it was me doing it. He did as he was told. I started to get wet as I told him to keep stroking with one hand and use the thumb on his other hand to rub around the head. He had to do it in slow, firm circles. He was biting his lip now, probably dying from the attention his dick was getting. I told him to stroke himself faster until he felt he was close to cumming. He pumped away at his dick as I slid two fingers into my pussy and stroked myself as I watched. He started moaning loudly and told me he didn’t think he could last much longer. I told him to stop for 1 minute. When the minute was up I told him to wrap his thumb and finger tightly around the base of his dick. He had to stroke himself with his other hand as he moved closer and closer to the head. He kept moaning and saying “Oh, fuck.” I knew he was close and decided to put him out of his misery. I told him to stroke just under the head for 60 seconds. He had to do it hard and fast. He pumped away and before I knew it he had his head thrown back and cum was shooting out of him. It landed on his stomach and all over his hand.

I logged off and worked my pussy as I thought of him, turns me on to be right!

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