The instructions that I left on the hotel bed were clear. Put on the blindfold and do not remove. This was a guy who I had been toying with for months. I never actually met him, but I had to call his office daily for updated reports. Our quick information calls became a bit longer. More personal things discussed. More shared intimate details. One day we decided to exchange pictures…I was very satisfied with the man looking back at me. His picture was a professional one. I could still see he had something behind his big blue eyes. He looked tall, slight tan and light brown short hair. Perfect teeth which made his smile more alluring.

We finally got on the topic of who was dating and who was married. I of course was too busy to have any steady cock in my life, but he on the other hand was married. I hummed and hawed over the fact that he was taken. Only something in me, my deepest darkest part of me, liked the idea of capturing a married mans attentions. I didn’t want anything serious, just a fun time full of fucking.

I began grooming my prey. I sent sexier pictures, I sent erotic little notes. He would call and stroke my ego on how incredibly sexy I was. He finally confessed how bad he wanted me. Success I had seduced a married man!

So I wanted to make this a night he wouldn’t forget! I watched him enter the hotel, get his key and head up to his room. I waited 15 minutes for him to read the instructions and prepare himself. I was wearing a tight black cocktail dress, sexy black heels and of course stockings with matching garter belt. Black lace panties and matching push up bra. I wore my red hair down straight.

I gave a light knock to the door and slowly entered. He was sitting on the edge of the bed still in his suit. I saw he was wearing the blindfold.  I straddled his lap and gingerly lowered myself onto him. I’m sure he could feel the heat of my pussy burning through my panties. He started to talk, but I cut him off by licking his lower lip. I sucked it into my mouth and turned it into a deep sensual kiss. His strong hands roamed my body, I could feel his hands grip my lush ass and pull me hard into his erection. I took full pleasure and pushed against it for my own selfish needs.

I ended the kiss and pushed him back. He laid half on the bed, I took this chance to disrobe him and evaluate his body. I planned to make his body crave me. I grazed his cock with my lips. Bathing it in my saliva, I told him to hold still and not move. I had never seen a more beautiful cock. I wanted to worship it….

Part 2 cumming up!



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