Honey, tonight the apron is coming off. I’m not lighting up the stove or setting the table. But don’t worry my love your won’t starve because I ordered take out. I’ve been thinking all day about all the freaky things I want to do to you tonight.  I don’t feel like being a good girl or even your attentive lover who tucks you in at night. No baby. Tonight I want to get nasty. Tonight I’ll be your Dirty Bitch. I’m letting my hair down so that I swing it from shoulder to shoulder while I’m on top you with my long legs spread eagle over your hips and riding your rock hard cock like a cowgirl at a rodeo. YeehaH!  I’m going ride you, baby, tonight. My pussy is so wet it’s dripping down my leg. I want you lick it up with your wet snake-like tongue all the way up my calves to my inner thigh and then slide that silky tongue all the up into my sweet tasty pussy. Mmmm….mmm. Oh baby, your tongue curves up into my pussy like a cobra and makes my pussy juices flow like a river.

Oooh…let me sit on your face, baby. Ooh…let me slide my big ass hips on you face and spread my ass cheeks wide so you can smell stink and that long ass tongue of yours  can slide all the way up my ass and make me howl like a dog. Suck it baby. I’ll be your Dirty Bitch. I’ll ride my hips around on your face and take all that slivery tongue has to offer. And when I see your cock rise up like the King Cobra, this dirty bitch can’t wait to get that cock in her mouth. I’ll lean my body over and rub my milky tits on chest with that hard cock in my eyesight. I want it so bad I can taste. When my mouth is close enough to smell the scent of your pre-cum I can’t wait to devour it. I stretch my wet tongue and start licking your balls and slide my tongue all the way up to the head and start to suck. Oh baby, your cock feels so good in my mouth. My wet tongue circles around the head…round and round…licking your dripping pre-cum. Mm…I want more. I open my mouth wide and swallow your dick.

Oh yea…push it baby….push it all the way back….chock me lover. I’m your Dirty Bitch tonight. Oh….your cock is so hard and so wet from my spit. Wet enough to slide right up my tight ass. I lean over on all fours like a bitch dog and spread my ass cheeks wide for you. Slap my ass.  Slap it. Oh how you stroke the head of your cock around my ass hole. Ooh baby I can’t wait for you to punish my ass but I love how you tease me. You grab my soft plump hips and then with the head of your cock lined up against my tight ass whole you RAM IT IN….HARD….Oh baby…..yes….yes…..pump it hard baby…..SLAP IT…..punish my ass baby…..RAM it HARD….oh….oh…oh…oh…AWAHHH!!!!!!!!  YES….YES…. oh baby CUM IN MY ASS. Yes, yes, yes…..oh baby….let me kiss you. I love to be your DIRTY BITCH.

Written by GENIE  

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Genie 888-643-2055