Daddy says good girls get rewarded with little treats and I must have been very good because he gave me two tasty little treats. First he surprised me by telling me he was taking me out for ice cream and then it just got better from there.

 Daddy pulled me on his lap and told me where we were going then asked me to go get dressed for him. I put on a cute little dress and a pair of sexy heels that I know he loves on me and he took me to the car. While we were driving I slid my skirt up so I could show off my legs and told him how excited I was, I love it when he spoils me. He looked so happy at my excitement and ran his hand up my thigh as he said that he loved his little girl.

He made me feel so good and when we got to the ice cream store he let me pick out my favorite flavor: double chocolate in a sprinkle cone. When the lady handed it to me I thanked her then turned to Daddy and said “Thank you.” to him as well, giving him a little kiss on the cheek. She looked at us weird but didn’t say anything and I bet she was trying to figure out if he was my lover or my real dad.

It made me feel so dirty and I knew what we did next would make her wonder even more.

We sat at a table in the corner of the store. I was so close to him that our thighs were touching under the table. He put an arm over my shoulder and watched. I slowly ate the ice cream, my tongue flicking over it while I pretended not to see him staring at me. Daddy was wishing it was his dick I was licking and he shifted as he got hard. I moaned in the back of my throat and he took his arm off me, putting it beside me. His hand slid up my thigh and under my skirt as I licked up another bit of ice cream.

His finger pushed past my panties and began stroking my lips while I tried to act normal.

My pussy started to get wet and I squeezed my thighs together while softly whispering “Please.” I kept eating my ice cream as his finger slipped past my lips and rubbed along my pussy wall. I felt my face get hot as he began fingering. I swear the woman behind the counter kept sneaking looks at us. Trying to figure out if something was going on or if she was just imagining it.

My nipples hardened and Daddy’s finger moved fast, tilting upward so that it brushed over my clit. I got more turned on and scooted forward in my seat. Forcing his finger in deeper and it jabbed against my clit. I got wetter and wetter as a tight achy feeling filled my insides and I tried to stay calm as I got closer to the edge. Daddy’s finger jabbed and rubbed my clit until my legs were shaking under the table and I bit down on my lip to keep quiet as I came with a small shudder.

     I finished my ice cream and leaned back with a sigh. I licked my lips, getting the last bit of sweetness and said “Thank you Daddy, that was good.”

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