You wake up before your alarm goes off. You are excited, nervous, and giddy about what I have planned. It has been a while since you have done anything for yourself, and even longer since you have done something like this. In the shower, you relish the hot water on your skin and enjoy washing and shaving all over. You can’t help but squeeze your nipples and run a finger inside yourself thinking how wet you are even without a shower.
You finish your shower, dry off and do your hair. Then you put sexy makeup on and look yourself over in the mirror. What a pretty sissy girl. When you dress, you carefully select a professional-looking tank top with a jacket and a pair of silky slacks. As per directions, you do not put on any panties or bra, and your nipples stick out seductively. You button the jacket and go to face your normal morning duties.
After doing your errands, you send a text saying you are done. I send you back the directions on where to meet, and you program it in. You become aware that your whole body is tingling, and take off the jacket- letting your tits free. As you drive, you struggle to focus on the road and let your hands wander your own body.


When you pull up, I am waiting for you. I’m dressed in a short flowing white shift dress and blue heels. I smile and open your door. You can sense I am as excited as you are from my bulge, and you ‘accidentally’ brush against it getting out. I smile and pull you close for a kiss, my hands grabbing your silky ass. You return the kiss and press your barely covered pussy against my thigh to let me know how hot you are. After a few minutes, I lead you inside the building.
It is a small lobby, and you are greeted by a friendly lady. After just a couple of minutes, I take you by the hand and lead you to the elevator. I told you to bring nothing, but I have an overstuffed beach bag. When the elevator reaches the 2nd floor and opens, you are met with your 1st surprise of the day- a naked couple waiting to get in. You try to not look too hard, but exchange greetings as you get out and they get in.
You step into the courtyard, and it is the strangest hotel you have ever seen. There are no windows outside the building, but all rooms have large windows facing in. On your left, there are 2 rooms with no shades or doors. One room has 2 swings hanging from the ceiling and a sauna in it, the other a giant heart-shaped bed with chairs all around it. He opens a room across from them and you enter. It is an older style room, with a window A/C unit, clean bed, and small bathroom. As soon as you are in the room, I close the shades and put down the bag.
You are still unsure as I come up behind you. My hands reach up to your shirt and grab your breasts. My mouth kisses your neck, and you push your ass back into me. You can feel me getting hard again, and you are getting very wet. You put your head back, and our lips meet. I pinch your nipples hard, and you moan your approval into my mouth. I then lift your top off and turn you around. You face me and I take my dress off, and I then suck your nipples. You press me to your chest and enjoy. I drop your pants and ease you to the bed.
Before I get in bed, I finish stripping off my panties, and then I land with my head between your legs. My tongue attacks your clit and my fingers probe your pussy. You are so excited, you ask me to slow down, but I just speed up. You start to feel an orgasm and grab my blonde hair as I lick and nibble. Just as you are about to cum, you feel me stick a finger in your other hole, and that sends you over the top. You cum hard and I lick up every drop. You beg me to fuck you, and I get on top.
My cock slides in and out of your pulsating pussy, and you sigh in relief. It has been a while since you had a cock in you, and you enjoy the feeling. I tell you how tight you are, and that you are going to make me cum if you’re not careful. In response you wrap your legs around me and fuck me faster, telling me that you want me to fill you. I grab onto your tits for balance and pound you hard until you feel me freeze. Then you feel me erupt inside you, and you tell me how good it feels.
After a few minutes, I lie down next to you and you bend down to lick off my cock. You enjoy the mixed flavors of my cum and your pussy. When I am clean, I have you put your head on my chest, and we catch our breath.
After a few minutes, I get up to use the bathroom and dig in my bag. I bring out the spray-on sun tan lotion and offer to spray you down. After you are thoroughly covered, you spray me and rub it in. I then tell you, “I love you being my special, slutty girl…”

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