Confession: I Want To Fuck A Married Man

I’ve never slept with a married man before but recently I reconnected with a high school crush on Facebook. His relationship status clearly says “Married” with the name of his wife plastered next to it. His pics show him in a perfect married world complete with three kids and a picket fence. Yet, he still reached out to me to say that he thinks of me often.

We’ve been exchanging text messages. They’ve recently gotten very sexual in nature. He sent me pictures of him jerking his cock off and making pre-cum ooze out from the tip. In return, I sent him a pic of me with my legs wide open, fingering my tight hole and licking my lips. He says that he wants to meet up and give me what he’s been wanting to give me since high school.

I’m a little nervous because of the whole married thing but, if he doesn’t care then why should I? I’ve masturbated twice while looking at his huge cock on my phone. Just the thought of being with someone who is already “taken” makes my nipples hard and my pussy wet. There’s something very sexy and naughty about being with a man who has it all but, yet and still he wants even more.

He wants my juicy pussy in his mouth. He wants to insert his fingers inside of me and make me cum all over his fingers. So wants me to suck his cock until I gag from the feeling of him fucking the back of my throat. He wants me. And there is nothing his wife can do about it. While she’s out shopping with the kids, texting her friends, and making dinner party plans, her man will be fucking me balls deep in my pussy, in her bed. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

I can’t wait to divulge the details. I will become his fuck toy tomorrow. More to cum…

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