Dear Diary: Burying My Pretty Little Face In His Stink Hole

There’s a first for everything, including my first taste of a man’s stink hole. You see Marcus was just a friend of mine. He’s someone I can confide in and someone who understands me. I’d go so far as to say that he knows me even better than my husband. He definitely knows about my kinky side, my adulteress side and everything in between.

Marcus came over last night to have tea with me, while hubby is away at retreat. We were just sitting where being our silly selves, when all of a sudden he got serious. He looked at me right in my pretty brown eyes and asked with the straightest face ever, “What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet? I sat there and thought for a moment. Hmmm, what IS something I’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet??? After a few minutes pondering his question, I finally had an answer.

I looked at him just as serious as I could and muttered, “I’ve always wanted my stink hole licked and well darlin,I kinda wanna do it back!” I paused then said, “Yeah, that’s exactly right. Darlin, I wanna bury my face in a tight little stink hole!” I think Marcus was a little shocked by my response, because he just froze. He looked blankly at me for a moment, then finally said, “Well damn Hanna, why don’t you get naked and we’ll turn that fantasy into reality right here, right now!”

He hadn’t even gotten the sentence out, before I started to take off my clothes. Marcus and I have never fooled around before, but if that was going to be my only opportunity to play with a stink hole and to have it done back, then I was going to take it. Who wants to wait to fulfill a fantasy? So that’s when it happened. That’s when Marcus told me to get on my hands and knees, like a bitch in heat. That’s when I first felt that tingle right there on my stink hole. I felt his wet, warm and firm tongue explore my puckered little star. I felt that sensation that I’ll never forget and frankly, I will never get enough of.

The feeling of his warm breath on my crack was enough to drive me insane. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. It felt so gushy and warm, it felt soft and sexy. I could feel my juices flowing and my heartbeat began to increase. It was only a matter of time before I was cumming all over Marcus’s face. I could feel a sharp feeling in my mouth. In the back of my mouth, as if I was about to taste something sour. The anticipation of tasting that stink hole for the first time was damn near unbearable. I just HAD to have a taste.

Immediately following my orgasm, I gathered myself and demanded for Marcus to follow suit. I now wanted him on his knees like a bitch in heat. The moment he bent over, I could see the object of my obsession. His tight little puckered stink hole was right there, calling to me. My mouth watered as my lips searched for their mark. Right then and there I had my face buried in the crack of Marcus’s ass. It felt so right and I knew this was going to be the start of something naughty.

Marcus moaned as my tongue explored his stink hole. He rocked back on my face, as my mouth kissed and licked him. I could feel his hole pucker around my tongue and his balls swell on my chin. I was in heaven and this was exactly what I needed. What happened next, was nothing short of miraculous. I’d love to tell you darlin, so call me and I will too bury my pretty little face right there in the crack of your ass. Do you like your salad tossed darlin? Then I am your harlot!