“I can’t get pregnant Dan, I have a boyfriend! I’ll see you in a few days. Buy more condoms okay?”  Alyson left the room in a huff. I wanted to fuck but the condom box was empty and she wasn’t taking any chances getting pregnant. She was seeing me on the side, and wasn’t ready to leave her boyfriend yet. I wasn’t ready to wait any longer though.

I knew Alyson would be back in a few days when her boyfriend Ben would be out of town. So I made sure I got a nice big box of condoms to put Aly at ease. Dan thought all day about how he could get Aly to stay with him indefinitely. The thought came to his mind about getting her pregnant.

Right at 8 pm Aly showed up in sexy lingerie. God she was hot! Her long red hair hanging down her back tickling the top of her ass. Her soft tits pushed up in her shelf bra, and a sexy pair of matching black panties adorned her high perfect ass. I would enjoy filling her pussy up with cum.

She gave me a long delicious blow job, paying extra attention to my balls the way I liked it. All I could think about was how she was prepping me for a good size load. I made sure not to jerk off the few days between our last visit. I wanted to be ready.

Once I had her on her on the edge of the bed, I dove in and tongued her clit. I hummed hard on it. Making her juices flow. I stood up and acted like I was rolling a condom over my hard long cock. Only I dropped the unused condom to the floor. I pushed her knees under her chin, she was in a little ball for this position. I pushed my thick cock into her tight little hole and started slowly pumping. Fuck I was already on the verge of blowing. I needed to have the upper hand though.

I pumped faster and hard when I saw she was getting closer. I could feel the walls of her pussy flexing around me. It was like her pussy knew what I was doing, and was trying to coax the load from me. I laid myself  over her legs so she wouldn’t be able to move.

“Aly, you wanna cum baby?” I asked. “Yes! Please, why are you slowing down?” She panted. “I’ve been fucking you this entire time without the condom on. If you wanna cum baby you need to beg for me to cum inside you.” I whispered. “The fuck? You aren’t wearing a condom? Pull out of me then! I’m not on anything! Put on a condom and give me what I need Dan, please!” Aly begged. “No. I want you to beg for my cum. If you want to cum, you’ll beg.” Dan said. Dan’s cock felt so good. Aly was on the very verge of bursting. “Fuck it, I need to blow…cum inside of me. Please, please cum inside of me Dan.” Dan held her balled up body tight and unloaded ropes of cum inside of her.

After he came he stayed on top of her and made her wait a few minutes before he let her get up to clean herself. He wanted to be sure his seed was buried deep inside of her. Aly got up and ran to the bathroom to clean out her pussy. The waiting game took place for the next few weeks….I wonder if she is pregnant carrying my child?

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