I LOVE my sugar daddy and HE LOVES my stepsister

I love my sugar daddy. He knows how to spoil his little girl. Last week he got me a room at the Four Seasons in downtown Chicago and let me have the time of my life with my step sister. I was able to take his credit card to Michigan Avenue and buy some new outfits to wear on the town. We dined on his dime and really enjoyed some day drinking.

Before he gave me his AMEX he explained that he wanted me to get my sissy nice and liquored up so that we could have some fun with her. I told him it would take more than a few mimosas to do the job and he said to show her a nice time at the club and then bring her home to daddy.

I did as I was told. Took her out to dinner, had a few martinis, then took her dancing at a local hotspot. Once I knew she was nice and tipsy, she stumbled with me back to my sugar daddy’s condo. When we got in he told us we should continue the party and sparked a joint. Once everyone was good and lit, he ushered us to the hot tub. I stripped naked and jumped in, my sister did the same. Once my daddy was in with us, we started making out and my sister did not appear to mind the show!

He then began fondling my breasts and sucking on my nipples.

It was clear that we were not going to stop on account of her. He then looked over at my sister and asked her to come over. She hesitated at first but I told her it would be fun to share. She nodded in agreement and joined the make-out session.

I had not seen my sister’s body in so long and she was looking so sexy. I also was not anticipating her pussy to be so tight once my sugar daddy entered her. Then I was able to get a front-row view as I guided his cock in and out of her tight little hole. I licked her pussy and sucked on his balls as he pounded her from behind. This was an angle I could get used to.

“Your sister’s pussy is so much like yours baby!”

Truer words had not been spoken! I hope she comes to play with us again because daddy took me to Hawaii after that fun night! He was very pleased…



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