I had a little habit I tried to stop recently. I will admit it was wrong of me to do this but, the thrill was better then the cost of the consequences. It was picking up married daddies at the store, park, library…schools even. I would volunteer to get my sisters kiddo from school JUST to hit on married men.

I would be absolutely shameless. Strut around in my tight sexy skinny jeans and tight see through tops. Tall boots with the sexy skinny heel. All those mommies in their sloppy looking outfit and messy hair. I shinned the brightest for married men. Damn right I did!

So I picked up a dad one day from school. He said he would meet up with me one night when his wife would be home and think he was out doing a meeting. He was a tall sexy doctor. He loved when I would lay back and take his long hard dick hard in my still tight cunt. I would whisper mean things about his hefty wife who didn’t give two shit about sucking him off. I would talk about how lazy she was with everything in their home and life.

His cock would throb harder when I would compare how much hotter I am and how I was just the thing his married man cock needed. He would pump that load into me and go home and wipe his pussy cock off onto his wife while she slept. He comes to me still and fucks me when he needs to feel needed and desired. I think it’s as simple as wanting someone desirable to fuck for once.

So ask yourself…does your wife make herself as available as someone like me could? Wanna know how phone sex works? Call me and lets play out your fantasy! Mine is playing with lonely married men!

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