I love being a Daddy’s girl. I’ve always loved being his favorite little thing to play with. We have always had such a good time flirting and teasing and having our kinky incest secrets from my mom. So when I went home last weekend to visit my parents, I was secretly really pleased to hear that she was gone for the entire time I would be home. That meant that my daddy and I had time for us to have some hot father/daughter incest sex!


When he opened the door I knew right away that mom wasn’t home. He closed the door and grabbed me up into a big hug, grabbing my ass in my tight jeans. I pressed my tits against him and felt a little bugle start to form under his pants…he’s always so pleased to see me! He told me that mom was away for the weekend and my heart started racing, this means the weekend will be a lot more fun than I had expected. So, he helped me take my things up to my room and I told him I wanted to take a shower after the long drive home.

I wanted to get things started right away, no one fucks me as Daddy does.

I hadn’t had any good incest father daughter sex in so long that I was immediately turned on by the idea. So I took my shower quickly, making sure to pick the smallest towel I could so that my ass and tits were showing quite nicely, and I went downstairs to find him sitting on the couch.

I saw his eyes look me up and down when I walked in and I could tell he liked what he saw. I sat on the opposite end of the couch and put my legs up into his lap. Watching his eyes glance down at my sweet snatch that I knew I had just flashed him. He started rubbing my feet and legs slowly working his way up to my thighs. I gave him a devilish grin when I felt his fingers rub ever so gently across the lips of my pussy. Knowing what I wanted he lifted my towel started rubbing me, feeling my wetness.

I took my foot and placed it on the back of his neck pulling his face down between my legs. Daddy and I had such good sexual chemistry that he knew what I wanted and didn’t hesitate. He started to taste me sweet cunt and I knew that the taste of me would drive him crazy. Daddy always said I had the sweetest pussy. After Daddy made me cum in his mouth he picked me up and took me upstairs to have his way with me…laying me on the bed and giving me just what I wanted, hot incest daddy daughter sex.