Dear Diary: I Got Fingered In Science Lab

I’ve ALWAYS been a FREAK! That’s why sharing these diary entries from when I was a young girl is so fun! I love to expose all sides of me even getting fingered in the lab! You can catch up on my other diary entry’s here:

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I had completely forgotten about this latest one LOL! Mr. Wagner’s weird chemical reaction wasn’t the only thing exploding in class on this particular day!!!

“Dear Diary,

Last night I was laying in bed listening to some music and thinking about Cameron. He’s so fucking cute and I really hope I get to sit next to him again in the science lab next Monday. Today was so awesome because when Cameron sat next to me he said that he really liked the color of my skirt. It’s the same one I got from the mall last weekend with the girls.

Anyway, I smiled and said thanks and tried my best not to blush. Science lab is super boring so I thought it was so cool when Cameron slid a note to me midway through Mr. Wagner’s lecture. I opened it carefully so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself. The note said,

“I like your skirt but, I bet I’ll like what’s under it much better.”

Oh my God! I almost fell out of my seat! Cameron Jameson was FLIRTING WITH ME!!! I looked over at him and he was looking at me with the cutest smile on his handsome face. His eyes went down to my skirt and then back up to my eyes. I knew what he wanted so I opened my legs. His hand felt so good gliding up my thigh and onto to my warm panties.

Then his fingers slipped in between my panties and my young peach-fuzzed pussy. He started massaging my pussy lips with his fingers just as Ms. Wagner was pulling out the projector. When the lights went out and Mr. Wagner’s presentation began, that’s when Cameron moved his chair closer to me and started rubbing my clit. He is soooooo COOL! He just made it seem like he had his hand on his lap under our table. No one even knew that he was playing with my pussy!

He managed to work his middle finger in between my pussy lips and inside of my hole. It was so tight and creamy. I wanted to moan so bad but, I knew I couldn’t do that. He finally got his finger all the way inside and started fucking me. It felt so good I wanted to CRY! All I could do was sit there and let him do it. His finger was so wet from my juices. He didn’t care though. I actually liked it because I saw his cock was hard in his pants! His finger pumped me good and right as he felt my pussy contracting and throbbing he looked at me, smiled, and said, “Do it.”

So I did it. I came really hard on his finger. It was so hard that I had to put my head down on the table. When Cameron pulled his finger out of my pussy he put it into his mouth and sucked on it. Then he licked his lips and started writing his notes. Getting fingered by the hottest boy in school was a dream come true for me! He wants me to meet him behind the bleachers in the gym tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll get a chance to suck his cock?”

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