I have a habit of getting everything I want. Simply because of who I am. I’m a tease! A girl you think is a dirty little slut. You give me everything you have just to get the chance to fuck me..but secretly, you know I won’t! It’s part of the chase, babe. And you know you love watching me strut my stuff in those sexy high heels. You’ll give everything just to be the one I spend the night with.And damn, I abuse the hell out of that. What girl doesn’t love to go shopping & get sexy pairs of heels? For me, it means something a little different, though. I’m picking out a weapon. I’m picking out something that I know you’ll lust over. You’ll watch me standing in those sexy heels, lighting up a cigarette and bringing it softly to my soft, full lips. You’ll wish you were that cigarette, or that you were right in front of me as I let out that puff of smoke and give you the “fuck me” eyes.
You give me all the power I need over you. As I walk by you, you stare at my feet, marveling at the soft, light tan skin underneath the material. You wonder how I walk in them, how I make it look effortless. I know your fantasy.. I know how much you want me to strut across the room, seductively climbing into bed and crossing one leg over the other leg’s knee, showing off those heels even more. I love the way you stare at them, and you know I want you to worship them.. kiss them, lick them, do everything you need to. With that pair of high heels, I’m your goddess, and I’ll take everything I want from you.. Your attention, your desire. I’ll play with your lust like you’re my dirty little toy..and as soon as I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for more.
Don’t forget who’s in control here.
You’re powerless against that sexy little look I give you, as I stand across the room. I’m challenging you to come and get it..but all you can do is stare.

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting