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“Gross,” I said out loud. He sighed and picked up his equipment and told me to have a nice day. As he walked down the hall, I thought about how great it would be to have HBO. What the hell? I thought to myself. “Hey- come back here! “I yelled to him. He was smiling as he walked back to my apartment. I made him go in the bathroom and clean his ass. When he said he was ready I went into the bathroom. He was bent over the toilet with his ass exposed and in the air. “Fuck, I said”. How pathetic was this guy? I actually felt sorry for the loser.

I went into the kitchen and poured a big glass of Jack Daniels. So I went back to the bathroom and drank some whiskey and looked at his hairy disgusting asshole. I poured some whiskey over it and got my face down to his ass crack. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick the rim of his asshole. It wasn’t so bad. I reached around and stroked his cock as I wiggled my tongue into his little hole. He moaned and squealed as I tongue fucked him. His cock got so hard as I gave him the rim job of his life. He came in my hand, and was so grateful- he ended up giving me a year of all of the premium channels!

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