There is something wonderful about older men. They know what they want they take their time to do things right. I’m attracted to the ones who are also gentlemen who are mature and classy. These classy gents know what to say and do to make women swoon. My husband’s father is that kind of man. After my marriage, I learned another reason why family and friends called my father-in-law “Big Daddy”.

He was a 6’5” handsome man with salt and pepper hair and stood taller than anyone in the room including my husband, who was his first born. My father-in-law had the personality that all people liked. Kids liked him, young men admired him, older men love to hang out with Henry, and women always grinned and swooned whenever he came around. Henry had a way with women. All women loved him. He was flirty in a way that was totally old school. He could have been one of the guys in Frank Sinatra’s “Rat Pack”. So he was cool, slick, and dreamy.

I remember on our wedding day after my husband and I had said our vows and taken pictures and danced our first dance and cut the cake and everything was dying down and most people were a bit tipsy. It was then that my father in law, Henry, pulled me aside outside of the ballroom where we were all alone. He was so smooth about it and that impressed me.

He looked at me and said, “Wow, my son did well. You sure are a beautiful woman. How about letting the father of the groom kiss the bride? If you love my son you’re gonna really love his dear ole dad.” Before I could say a word, Henry, pulled me close to him and kissed me so passionately with his gin-soaked tongue squirming down my throat. His hands were all over my ass and my tits and my pussy was getting so wet that I wanted to fuck him on my wedding night instead of his son. Just then I heard my husband calling me and I fled the arms of his sexy dad and ran to him.

Henry was cool like nothing had happened. At family functions, we would share a glance or a sexy look. There were a couple of times Henry slid his hand up my dress at dinner and I had slid my foot across his cock. I could tell from my toes He had a big cock. The flirting turned into pure lust and then one day when we had invited my father-in-law to dinner my husband got a call from work and had to leave. He said, “Dad why don’t you just stay here and enjoy the meal Genie cooked and just stay in the guest room.

I’ll be back late.” He kissed me goodbye and as soon as he was out the door Henry was behind me pressing his huge cock against my ass. I knew tonight would be the night to fuck his fat cock.  I FUCKED MY FATHER IN LAW Part 1


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