I have lived on a farm my entire life.  Since my parents died, I have become the proud owner of a 100-acre farm.  It is a working farm split to grow vegetation on 30 acres, and the animals inhabit 40 acres.  Keeping a farm running smoothly is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it is what I have inherited; a family thing.   The crops are in greenhouses, so we are a year-round operation.  The animals are very well cared for.  They stay inside when the weather is bad, and they get extra special attention from me.  I love my animals more than most farmers.  They provide me with comfort and pleasure; they say the least.  I fuck them, they fuck me, or I watch them fuck each other!  We are one big happy family!

When I started loving them . . .

I started getting pleasure from my animals when I was 13 years old.  I found myself getting turned on when I saw a bull and sow in the barn.  The bull chased her around the pen for a few minutes, and then he backed her into a corner.  He mounted her from behind, dug his hoofs into her back so she could not get away, and pounded her piggy pussy again and again.  They were sloshing around in the mud, squealing so loud.  The sound of the mud and the bull penetrating the sow gave me my first orgasm right there in the barn.

Since that day, the animals and I have been connected.  My favorite animal on the farm is Jessie Ray, the Clydesdale!  He is the biggest animal we have on our farm.  Jessie Ray is my favorite animal on the farm because his cock is the largest.  Jessie Ray is nearly 1900 pounds and stands 6’2” tall at the shoulders.  I fuck them, and they fuck me, or I watch them fuck each other!

Jessie Ray . . . My Favorite!

My first encounter with Jessie Ray almost proved fatal for me.  I got him so excited that he fell on top of me.  Thankfully, I only endured a broken rib and some other bruises, but it was well worth it.  Since he is so high off the ground, I had to get a special table to get his cock close to my pussy.  I brought him into the barn for the night, and then I wheeled the examination table under him.  Using the remote, I raise the table so that I am right next to his huge rod.

Laying on the table, I start to stroke his member until it was fully erect, about 15 inches long.  I try to suck on his huge dick, but I can never get it in my mouth, so I lick on it like a big lollipop.  I knew that Jessie Ray relished what I did to him because he always gave me lots and lots of ropes of white cream.

Now I know how to take him . . .

After the first time, I tried to catch Jessie Ray and could not get his big horse dick inside me; I started to use other objects and other farm animals to prepare to take him.  I’ve tried using cucumbers, gourds, salami, and even a soda can help me get ready to take Jessie Ray.  I fucked a pig, bull, and sheep but a horse schlong is by far the largest on our farm.

When I was finally ready to take Jessie Ray inside my pussy, it was pure ecstasy.  Of course, I could not take it all but the few inches that I could tolerate stretched my pussy so much; I was torn & I needed stitches to sew my pussy back together, but that did not stop me.  I kept going back to fuck Jessie Ray over and over again.  Each time I could take more of his inched inside me.  I love my farm animals.  I fuck them, they fuck me, and I watch them fuck each other!

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