I’m pretty bad sometimes. Lately, I have been even worse. Sure, I love things that are looked at as deviant acts. But, sometimes I go farther. I have a friend who lets me come to work with her. I sit at the bar and look pretty and all the guys look at me. I help her serve drinks sometimes if the guy interests me.. which, it’s most of them. I don’t just give them their drinks. Haha! Oh no. I like to slip them a little something. Then the fun starts.


I dress up in my hottest and tightest dresses and skirts and my tallest shoes. My hair big and curled… these guys start drooling as soon as I walk in the room. I walk to the bar and sit down… feeling their eyes on me. My friend smiles and tells me that some guys have even asked for me. We laugh and the people start pouring in. I watch every guy come in and watch them stare at my crossed legs and cleavage. I know exactly what they want.. but they don’t understand that I like my men to have thick, rock hard cocks. So, I have to find out who does!

Things get crazy from there! My friend is pouring drinks, left and right, and I am watching for the guys that interest me. Even if they have a girl with them.. it doesn’t matter. I need to know who is strong and his cock must be ready for someone like me. From my purse I take out some powder that I have… what is it you ask? Haha, well.. it’s crushed up Viagra. I slip about 1/4 teaspoon into every drink of a man who I find piques my interest. I am not searching for a Spartan.. but his dick MUST be built like a Spartan. I take the tray of drinks.. and each one of them has the drug in it.

I smile as I had everyone their drinks and wait for the fun to happen. Within a few minutes, guys are starting to wriggle in their seats and play with their pants. It’s happening. It’s Dickocalypse! Every guy is getting an erection and I am just giggling away. My friend knows exactly what is happening. She just shakes her head and laughs. She knows I am picking the best one and I am going to take him home. I sip my Cosmo and watch all the guys.

“Hm, too thin.. too not hard enough.. ooo, that one looks nice,” I think to myself just eyeing a guy at the table by the front door. His cock is thick and long. Looks like a lot of fun.. but he’s with a girl. She leaves for the restroom and I just saunter over to him. I raise an eyebrow at him and whisper, “So.. you like the drink? I think you would like something else… why don’t you ditch your date and come with me. I’ll be waiting outside.” He looks puzzled but I walk out the door, feeling his eyes on my ass. I stand by the wall and wait a few minutes. Here he comes.. and he follows me to my car.

We get to my house, without saying a word.. we don’t even know each others’ names. I push him onto my bed and take out the cock that won… wow. It’s beautiful. Long, thick, yummy… I smirk and slowly pull it into my mouth…

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