Mommy and Daddy had gone out on a date and left brother and I home alone. I knew I was going to have to take a bath and get into bed soon. I looked over at my brother and asked if he could take me upstairs and help me with the bath water. I always made it way to hot and I was scared that would happen again.

Brother followed me up stairs and helped me with the bath water. As he was filling the tub I quickly got out of my clothing and slipped into the water. The water was a bit warm but not too bad. I sat down naked in front of brother waiting for the water to be high enough for him to shut it off. I noticed something odd happening in his pants. There was a large mound growing and I couldn’t tell why.

I asked him what was the matter and he told me that he was feeling fine. He shoved at his pants and got up. I was surprised he was acting so mean. I asked brother again what was the matter and if there was anything I could do to help. That’s when he got a very naughty look on his face. He explained that usually girls will play with the hard thing until it gets soft. I asked if I could do that and he agreed it was a good idea.

I reached up out of the bath and placed my hand on his pants. It was MUCH harder than I thought it would be. Brother sucked in a deep breath of air. I asked if he was okay. I quickly nodded in approval. He told me that in order to really take care of it he’d need to take his pants off. I agreed that was a good idea. He pulled them down and his large penis came bouncing out.

My eyes got big as I looked it over. I ran my hands along the length admiring the hard ridges. That’s when he told me that I should run my mouth on him. I parted my lips and opened so that brother could put the tip into my mouth. I sucked on him like a lollipop as he moaned loudly. He asked if I’d be willing to come sit in his lap so he could push inside of me. I was nervous but agreed it was a good idea. Anything to make brother feel better.

I climbed into his lap; my body still wet from the bath. He grabbed his hard penis from the base and slipped the tip right into my privates. I gasped out of pain but pleasure at the same time. He loved the look on my face and I could tell it was making him feel so good. I moved faster so that he moaned louder. He grabbed me around my waist and stopped me from moving. I could feel him getting larger inside of me as he pushed warmth into me.

Brother has always known how to take care of me properly. He licked my lady parts all clean and until I felt lots of pleasure.


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