Hypnotized by Thigh Highs and Heels

Are you one of those guys who get hypnotized by a sexy woman in thigh highs and heels.  Your eyes can’t help but wonder from the sharp tip on my heel all the way up to the soft lace on my upper thigh.   The arch of my legs when I bend my knee sends a charge through your brain all the way to your now throbbing cock.  You would do anything to touch the sheer material.  The thought of such thin fabric teasing you by keeping you so close yet so far from my soft skin makes your balls ache.  What you would give for they chance to watch me peel off those thigh highs and allow you to taste my flesh.

I catch you undressing my legs with your eyes.  I know I have you under my spell.  I’m dangling my heel from my toe, teasing you further.  I rub my legs together, allowing my already short skirt to rise even higher.  You see your first glimpse of my garter.  Can hardly contain the hard on bulging through your pants.  You can barely keep the cum draining from you balls from exploding out of your cock.  I know that look of pleasure and discomfort anywhere.

 I can’t help but smile and giggle watching you squirm in your seat.

So I kick off my heels.  You lick your lips and watch me wiggle my toes through the black mesh.  I run my big toe up my calf, showing you those arched legs once again.  You imagine my legs wrapped around your waist as you pound your hard cock into my tight wet hole.  You hear my moans in your ear as my legs hold you tighter, closer, and deeper.  As my pussy walls tighten around your cock you can’t hold back any longer.  You shoot that hot load deep inside my pussy as you collapse on top of me.

Awe. Looks like you have made a real mess in those pants.  You gave up control and handed it to me.

Give me a call and let me control you!

Teen Phone Sex!