You Have Now Become Hypnotized By My 5-Senses Induced Ass Worship

It is time for you to become completely hypnotized by the way that you crave my bottom. I know you think you understand the gravity that is ass worship. However, you have probably just scratched the surface of what could be your cravings. Now is the time for you to begin learning everything there is to know about my beautiful budding butthole and what you can do to please it. After all, there is nothing else you could do when it comes to pleasing me. You must be able to satisfy me in this way. Then, we can see if you are worthy enough to receive rewards from me.

Ass Worship Will Lead You To Bountiful Rewards.

So in order for you to become mesmerized by my anal fulfillment, you are going to allow it to take over all of your senses. The first is Sight. That is also the easiest. There is no shortage of knowledge that my ass is pure perfection. The way that it cups against my thighs creates the perfect crease. This is an absolute bubbled ideal. Then, there is the feel. Firmly whole in your hand as grip onto it. Not to mention the smoothness of my flawless skin is something to be desired by many.

Perfect Ass To Addict All Your Senses.

Thirdly, we have heard. I am sure you can guess the wonderful noise my rump makes as a swift hand slaps up against it. Not to mention the beautiful sound it makes as a dick stuffs its way inside of it. Well, I guess that is less my ass and more my moans that are so pleasing. Now to the last two, and most fun of the senses. The first is the smell. You can find yourself encapsulated by my heavenly scent as I sit right on your face. Smother yourself in my fine anal essence. Allow me to live inside of your lungs, forever haunting you when I am not with you. A pleasure you can only achieve when you are with me.

Taste Me. Know Me. Crave Me.

Finally, the told of the senses will be your sense of taste. After all, by this point, you will be starving to just get the smallest bit of it. Whimpering, you will beg me to run your lapper over my delicious ass hole. On all fours, I will spread my butt cheeks apart so you can take the smallest peek with your peepers. That is enough to trigger your primal servitude instinct. Towards me, you pounce and thrust your tongue inside of my priceless posterior cavity. It has begun, you are now addicted to everything me.

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