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Hypnotic phone sex is one of the most sensual phone sex experiences you can encounter. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in deeply and put your hand on your cock and start to stroke your cock for me. It’s not easy, you can’t refuse your needs. Just like you won’t be able to refuse me. You will love to stroke your cock to my sensual whispers, as my voice lingers in your mind long after our call.

Stephen always loved our mutual masturbation evenings. Especially how I would explain the kinky fantasy in detail. A little JOI (jerk off instruction) and edging would always blow his mind. I would begin by teasing him, just enough tempt all his senses. Blind folding him to heighten all his senses into overtime. Soon a wave of pleasure takes over his body. It starts feeling good as he strokes it. He continues stroking it for Goddess Raven. Just like you will when you call me for some anything goes hypnotic phone sex.

Listening to my voice intensified all his needs. “Ssssh listen to my whispers” I say, as his breathing grows deeper and deeper. It’s getting harder for him to concentrate on anything else but my sultry voice. It all feels so good. He can’t help himself. He loves the feeling and never wants it to end. Stephen is getting lost in my voice and deeper he falls into the hypnotic trance. He can’t get enough of my voice. As he continues stroking and listen the deeper he gets and the more pleasure he feels. Drifting, surrendering and going under…. Finally he just let’s go….

Now my naughty little reader – I know what you need and want! You want to touch yourself for me I have you under my spell now. I know everything about you and I know how to push your buttons. I know what you crave. Call me now!

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