Have you ever encountered Hypnotic Mind Fuck? Raven has a way of controlling your mind as well as your body. She can lead you to do things you never thought you would. And you enjoy doing them. Well, at least you enjoy pleasing her.  As it got closer to Halloween, Mistress Raven kept dropping some hints about a party she was going to.  But she planned to take me along also.  Not as a guest, but as her party favor slave.  I would be cross-dressed in public for the first time, something until then we had only shared in private.  She assured me I would not be the only one.  And besides, it was Halloween so you can get away with almost anything.

When the night came she brought out a brand new outfit she had bought for me for the party.  Well, I bought it since she has my credit card.  She decided red would be a great color.  Stockings, panties, bra, and garter.  5-inch red heels.  She was a little worried at first about me walking in those, but then she said I would be on my hands and knees more than walking anyway.  She applied whorish makeup, bright red lipstick, and my wig.  What was I in for?

When we arrived I saw a few other Mistresses with their slaves, as well as a variety of other guests.  They all started comparing their slaves and laughing and deciding what party games to play with them.  Mistress Raven whispered that I better do well in the games and not embarrass her. Her Hypnotic Mind Fuck took over my every being.  Furthermore, she hinted that if I performed well there might be a surprise when we got home.  Holding my life in her hands,  Mistress held out the key to my chastity device.  She owned me with the key she wore on her necklace.  “You might be permitted to release if you win,” she whispered  This got me excited and well aware that I was locked up.

The first game was bobbing for apples.  Well, not apples.  It was bobbing for dildos.  A tub filled with all different sizes and shapes.  Each slave took their place and started bobbing for the biggest ones.  I managed to get my mouth around a 12” inch long and thick black one, and won the contest.

Next was a blindfold game to identify your Mistress.  The slaves were blindfolded while each Mistress lifted her dress and presented her ass.  We were to serve each one and then tell which one belonged to our Mistress.  Some were too big and soft and some were too small.  But when I reached Mistress Raven’s ass I had no trouble identifying her.  Her Sweetheart Ass was perfect and I spent many hours on my knees worshiping every inch.

To wrap up the evening, the last game involved all of the slaves on their knees.  Without further hesitation,  the slaves were soon presented with a long hard piece of chocolate for their pleasure.  Yes as you guessed, a big black cream filled cock.  It was our job to “suck the creamy filling” out of the chocolate sticks.  Without fail, I used the skills that Mistress Raven had trained me to use.  Sucking for dear life, I was the first to empty the creamy filling into my mouth.

When we got home Mistress did indeed reward me.  Soon she released me from my cage and allowed to cum on her perfect ass. I wanted nothing more than the pleasure of licking her clean as my reward. Her Hypnotic Mind Fuck took me just the way I expected.  This was a Halloween I would never forget!

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