You love listening to my hypnotic whispers of pleasure.

Hypnotic tease you can’t ignore. There’s just something about the sound of my voice that penetrates your body.  Listening and lingering on my every word to carry you to completion.  You know who you are. Will you never be able to get enough of me?

I hear your breathing change, as my erotic mind brings you to a kinky level of the taboo tease. Give into me!  I love exposing all your weaknesses, as we explore JOI and Guided Masturbation.   You are under my spell and need me to allow you to release.   1- 2 – 3 I love-making you vulnerable to my sweetest request to cum.  I know you WANT to cum for me and only me.  It’s our special time together that excites all your senses. Stroke yourself, as you listen to my hypnotic tease. I’m your one sexy secret. I’m everything you need and my hypnotic words arouse your every being.

Think you can handle my hypnotic whispers of tease and temptation?

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Hypnotic Phone Sex


Kiss Kiss