It was a cliche; I literally walked in on my husband and his slutty mistress fucking in our bed!

I couldn’t say a word.  Just stood there, staring at them while they tried to cover themselves with a small throw blanket, staring back at me in disbelief.  After a full 2 minutes, I stormed out of the house and began driving, unsure where I was even going.  I parked a block away from the house and waited…  It wasn’t long before they both came scurrying out and left in separate cars.  I decided to follow her, as a vengeful plan started to form in my head.

When I finally got her alone, on her way into her house, I just pushed her inside and locked the door.  I knew I had crossed a line, but I didn’t care!  She looked up from the floor where she had fallen and began to say something, but I slapped her face and pinned her down to the floor.  “Shut up, bitch!  If you think I’m giving up my husband to his slutty mistress, you’re insane! But he’s not getting off easy either – I’m in charge now!”

 Looking for something to tie her up with, I found an extension cord in her living room.

 As I tied her hands behind her back and made a leash to pull her down the hall and into the bedroom.  I pushed her down on the bed and cut her panties off with my car keys.  She looked scared and I felt my panties getting wet – I could get used to this!

I pushed the panties in her mouth to stop her from yelling and ripped her shirt open to see big beautiful tits and smiled.  “When I’m done you’ll be calling ME Mistress, but in a very different way! And the only way you’ll taste his cock again, is when you’re cleaning my pussy!”

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