My FIL Stole My Anal Virginity & I Can’t Get Enough-Part III

Charles said sure, it would be a pleasure to take your anal cherry. I told him to wait a minute while I got the key to the church. You see, I was still wearing my nightgown, with no underwear, and had not cleaned up yet from the creampie my father-in-law left last night. I was just getting ready to shower when Charles knocked on the door. Of course, I put on a pair of slippers and went outside to meet Charles by the front door of the church.

That’s when I opened the door, and Charles had a hand truck with the three cases on it, and asked where did I want him to put them? I said if he did not mind, there was a closet behind a curtain up on the pulpit my husband preached from behind the podium where we kept special event material could he bring them up there?

He said, “Sure!”.

I showed him the way, pulled back the curtain exposing the closet door, and was using the key to unlock the door when I dropped the key. Charles was standing not too far behind me, and when I bent over my ass brushed against him. When I stood up, he stepped up behind me, and moved his hand down the back of my nightgown to my ass cupping it with a couple of fingers between my legs, and said: “feels like you aren’t wearing panties”. I shivered from the sensation of his between my legs, I said, I am not as I spread my feet apart so his fingers could touch my already soaked pussy. I then turned to face him, He picked me up giving me a huge deep kiss, and said he can not quit thinking about the blow job I gave him.

Then he takes his hand pulling up my gown and starts rubbing my wet pussy sliding two fingers in. My FIL then backed me up against the podium pulled his huge cock out. He lifted me up raising my gown, and slide his cock inside my pussy. It hurt a little, to begin with because his dick was so massive, but gradually it felt great. He stretched my pussy more than it had ever been filled. He was calling me his new little white slut while he fucked me like a beast.

I was screaming “FUCK ME HARDER” and he kept pounding.

Then he became really still holding his cock as far as it would go in my pussy. Yes, he filled my pussy with more cum than I have ever felt. When he pulled out and lowered me to the floor, I could feel it streaming down my leg. We did not talk a lot, as we walked back to the house where his truck was parked. When we got back to the house, he said thank you and drove off.

After watching him drive off, I walked into the house, ready to take a well-needed shower. I had not only my father-in-laws load from last night in my pussy but a huge load from Charles my new black lover deep inside mixed together. When I walk into the kitchen my father-in-law is sitting there drinking a beer. He startled me because I did not expect him. He was sitting on the other side of the counter, and all of a sudden he yelled ” YOU BLACK COCK WHORE”. My heart dropped to the floor, and I became really scared.

He said I watched your black stud fuck you on the pulpit my son preaches from, behind his podium.

I could not believe what I was seeing. Then he stood up. My FIL was naked from the waist down. Next, he walked around the counter, and said, “I am going to give you, what you really need” Then he grabbed my arm spinning me around bending me over the counter.

He pulled up my gown kicked my feet apart spreading my legs. Then he spits on two of his fingers and began sliding them into my ass. I had never had anal sex before and told him his fingers hurt. He said, do not start playing innocently with me now you black cock whore. There was a pan with a little grease in it on the stove. He dipped his fingers in the grease and rubbed it on his cock, and then slid his fingers into my ass.

The grease reduced the friction, so they slid in easier this time. Then he said, “I am going to give you what you need”, and he slides the tip of his cock in my ass. Next, he worked it in a little further back and forth. Finally, before I knew it he was shoving his whole cock balls deep into my ass. The fact is, it no longer hurt. It actually felt good, and I found myself slamming back onto his cock.

Then I screamed back at him, “That’s it, DADDY, Fuck Me in the ASS like the WHORE I am”.

Before I knew it he was coming deep in my ass. Then the strangest thing happened. He dropped to his knees, with my legs spread, and started sucking the cum out of my ass, and pussy. He was like a madman for at least five minutes just tonguing my pussy, and sucking the cum out of it. Then he stood up to put on his pants, while I am still bent over the counter. He spits on me, calls me a filthy anal whore and walks out the door. That is how my father-in-law stole my anal virginity, the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see what he cums up with for Christmas!

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