John’s Babysitter Pregnancy fetish. John & I have been married for 13 years now. Not once did I know about his fetish. At least till Susy became Pregnant. I never knew he was fucking every babysitter we had over the years. Our children were 9 and 7. John and I had a pretty active sex life. Hell, a lot of times we got a sitter to go swing. However, I never knew on the way home or picking up the babysitter and he was having sex with them. It wasn’t he was just trying to have sex. He was trying to get them pregnant.  He had a Babysitter Pregnancy Fetish in which he had to get his child in her. In his sick mind, he looked at our babysitters as caregivers no matter how old they were! He saw them as an extension to our family. He had to give them children.

How Susy became Pregnant

I was running errands around town getting my nails and hair done. John knew once I came home I was changing then we were to leave to go to the party. So, of course, Susy was already at the house when I arrived home. Little did I know it was way before the kids arrived home from school. He was regularly picking up Susy before the kids got home. They were fucking in our bed. Fucking on the kitchen table where the kids were eating their snacks. Fucking in the shower just before I arrived home. John had her believing she needed his baby growing inside of her. That she would join our family.

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Raise their baby with our children.

When Susy starting showing signs of being pregnant. I started to ask the question who was the Daddy? Susy started staying with us more. Her parents were very angry she was Pregnant at a young age. I felt sorry for her and let her stay with us. Not till the delivery room did I know they Baby was John’s. When the doctor asked whose name should he put on the birth certificate. I was shocked in hurt but Knew we just gained to members in our family.


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