Recently I’ve noticed my sweet hubby on his phone more than usual and at odd hours as well. Curiosity got the best of me so I decided to take a look for myself. I was prepared to find evidence of cheating, just based on his unusual and uncharistic actions BUT I was in no way prepared for what I would discover. You see, Doctor D, he was talking to another woman but specifically who he was fraternizing with is what was so shocking. I caught dear husband sexting cousin! Yes – HIS FIRST COUSIN.  I’m still so torn on how to handle this situation and that is why I am writing to you anonymously. I pray you answer my letter in your weekly column. I have been a dedicated reader of Women’s Hope & Faith Journal for many years. Your advice is something I have always taken to heart.  

Thank you, 

Jane – 34 – Alabama  


Hello Jane,

Wow, what a pickle jar you’ve found yourself in. I know you think may think this is the end of the world and more so, the possible end to your marriage BUT that simply isn’t so, Jane. 

For starters- Incest was written in the bible and in fact it wasn’t even “interrupted” as a sin until the book of Leviticus was translated. Members of the royal family are the product of cousin love and it is actually encouraged in some cultures to “keep it all in the family”, so to speak. 

Husband sexting cousin roleplays could be a fun way to brighten things up into the bedroom.

Especially if you want to bring attention back into your own sexual relationship with the man of the house. Ask yourself, am I jealous of his cousin or do I truly see an issue with their relationship? Where is my moral compass on this subject, especially knowing that she may very well be his first love. 

Husband sexting cousin incest phone sex with one of the operators at The Phone Sex Kingdom may be a great way for YOU to get involved in his fantasies.

After all, through sickness and in health were your vows in front of the God and all members of HIS family. As his partner, your job is to be a doting, adoring, and especially understanding & obedient wife.  Perhaps a family fun gangbang could be in order! Think of how much your husband would LOVE that. 

Jane, I must tell you the truth. It is only ethical of me as a doctor. 

I truly believe you are overreacting to this very natural and perfectly healthy attraction. Husband sexting cousin isn’t a problem at all. Consider the extra nanny that could come along with having a sister-wife. Especially someone you already love, trust and adore. Please take my advice and reach out to your husband tonight. Tell him you have discovered his naughty text messages and express your support. 

Don’t hold out on an update. I am sure the other readers cannot wait to see how everything went. 

In Christ and Jesus’ Love, 

Doctor D 



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