My husband just adores eating a sticky cream pie from my pussy.

I suppose you could say I eased my husband into enjoying a fresh sticky cream pie. You actually prefer it when I phrase it that way don’t you baby? After all, you wouldn’t want anyone thinking that you knowingly ate cum out of me right off the bat now, would you? You do your best to keep up that manly demeanor. It’s too bad that you don’t have a manly size cock to go with your gigantic ego. It’s time for me to put you and your little dick firmly in place.

I’ve just come back from a night out with the girls, or so I say. I’m feeling so very dirty baby, come and climb in between my thighs. Do you want to eat my pussy? You don’t know that there’s a freshly shot sticky cream pie waiting for you. I’m going to slide this dress off and then I want you to peel my thong off with your teeth. Are you seriously so eager to taste my sweet juices that you don’t notice that my pussy is red and swollen, gaping open and oozing cum? Maybe it’s a case of ignorance is bliss.

Don’t think that you’re going to get away with just some clit action. Slip that tongue deep inside my pussy and tongue fuck me. That way, I’ll know you’re getting a mouth full of that sticky cream pie. If I do this enough times, you’ll get used to the taste and actually start to crave it. You should thank me for easing you into things the way that I did. This way your palette has plenty of time to adjust.

Once you know the truth it won’t come as such a shock will it?

Every time that I go out with my “friends” now, your dick gets stiff with anticipation. You can’t seem to figure out why my pussy tastes even more delicious than it did before. Maybe tonight will be the night that I finally let you in on my little secret. Are you nice and worked up thinking about me dirty dancing with my girlfriends? There was plenty of dirty dancing but it just wasn’t with my female friends. It was all with my male friends or my fuck buddies to be more precise. I can see the light bulb going off over your head now.

It makes so much more sense, doesn’t it? Now you know what that extra taste was mixed in with my pussy juices. Now you have a decision to make. Are you going to eat my cream pie like you’ve been doing for weeks now or are you going to flip out and refuse the only action I’ve been giving you? It doesn’t matter one bit to me either way. I get all of the action that I want when and where. There’s a list of fuck buddies a mile long waiting for some more of this tight juicy pussy as soon as I say the word.

What a good cuckold you are. I knew that you would make the right decision. Go ahead, lick my pussy and slurp that cum right out of my holes. That’s right: plural. You’ve been begging for me to let you fuck my ass for years but I always say no. The hot black studs don’t even have to ask for anal sex with me. I offer up all three holes for them to use and fill up with their jizz.

That’s right, you are married to a total size queen and I just can’t get enough of those big black cocks.

I’m technically doing you a favor by not allowing you to fuck me anymore. You see, if you tried to put your dick inside of me I wouldn’t even be able to feel you. That would only highlight just how inadequate your dick truly is. Of course, it should be obvious enough just from looking down at what clearly isn’t there. Some guys just seem to live in denial. It’s taking a cold hard dose of reality to get your blinders off, isn’t it? Oh well, at least you get to taste my pussy when you’re slurping that jizz out of me.

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