So, What is the Ultimate Sexy Birthday Revenge that You’ve Ever Experienced?

I’ve heard of birthday stories, but not sexy birthday revenge stories. But, I always imagined those kinds of nights. I once invited another person for my husband’s birthday and we had such a wonderful time. What a wet threesome we had under the covers!

So, what is a hot sex experience that you’ve had? One of my girlfriends, Maya, just had a birthday that she would never forget. While it wasn’t what she had planned, the night was sticky, sweet, and the beginning of a new sexual journey for her.

Well, in any case, she hadn’t planned on sexy birthday revenge!

Maya had bought a new dress and was looking forward to a romantic night with her husband at her favorite restaurant. Then, later on, she had planned on some mind-blowing sex while she showed him her new lingerie.

Well, next thing you know, her husband called her from work and told her he had to stay behind and would be home late. He never once wished his lovely wife a happy birthday.  It’s as if he had forgotten the day entirely, so bad right?

To be honest, he had stayed behind so he could fuck his new secretary after everyone had gone home. I met her once but she wasn’t anything special.

So, instead of feeling sad, she went out, sexy new dress and all.

Maya was not one to mope around the house long. She dressed up in that new dress, and makeup, combed out her luscious long locks, and put on her sexy black heels. Her next stop was to her favorite restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner. While at the restaurant, she noticed a nice young man sitting at a nearby table all alone. They smiled at one another. She noticed him sipping wine nervously.

His date never showed up either and Maya couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Well, the two of them started talking and before you know it they moved to the same table.

The dinner went really well. Maya kept looking into his eyes. It didn’t seem to bother him at all that she was a cougar and a mommy. And what a gentleman! He ended up buying her dinner.

The night was going so well that she didn’t want it to end. She went over to his apartment which he shared with his two other mates. They weren’t at home at the moment.

The flirty talk turned to more sensual discussion.

Maya had not planned on sexy birthday revenge sex that evening. She had only planned to eat dinner with him and then go right home later that night. But, once she was inside his apartment, he became much bolder and leaned in for a kiss. Maya did not hesitate and threw all caution to the wind. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

So, to the bedroom, they went.  I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of passionate kissing as they stripped off one another’s clothing in a rush to see their bodies under all the clothing.

This mystery man gave her the birthday present she didn’t know she wanted.

Maya didn’t think she would like fast and furious, but she found the excitement of this hot birthday revenge even more sensual. For that moment, she didn’t care what her husband thought.

He laid her on the bed and he fed her his cock. She liked the way his hard dick tasted in her mouth. She sucked cock so good he had to pull away before he shot his load.

He wanted this MILF’s hot pussy. He threw her legs over his shoulder and fucked her pussy hard. This young man had the energy her husband hadn’t show for years. He fucked her hot hole long and deep.

Over and over she came! Her pussy squirted so much she could feel the pools of hot drippy cum underneath her ass.

Sexy birthday revenge is so sweet. Come over for some milf phone sex right now.

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