Cuckold husband, From the diary of a Trophy Wife

Cuckold is what my husband wants to be!  He wants to see me with another man, who is younger and with a bigger cock.

My husband is an older man, he can’t satisfy me like he once did. So he wants to make sure I have all the pleasures that should be given to a trophy wife.

My husband is never around so he’s guilty and when he asked me about the cuckold fetish, I wasn’t really surprised. I was actually quite happy.  And I get to pick who fucks me!  The pool boy instantly came to mind.  His name is Chuck and he’s tall, dark and handsome.  Sometimes I can’t help myself from teasing him a bit.  Showing him some titty every now and then, and I always wear the sexiest bikini I own.

Chuck must have a very nice cock because he has a bulge all the time and when I start the teasing.  The bulge seems to grow more and more.  And of course, this makes my pussy wetter and wetter.

Well, today is Chuck’s day to clean the pool and I plan on asking him if he wants to be part of my husband’s fantasy.  I decide to wrap just a towel around my very hot body and walk out to the pool and drop the towel while I’m asking Chuck a favor.  “Hello Chuck, I have a favor to ask you…would you like to fuck me while my husband watches ?” and as I say fuck, I drop the towel. I’ve never seen a pair of eyes open so wide in my life and his bulge got bigger immediately!

Then Chuck looks over my shoulder and I can’t help but turn around and she my husband standing in the doorway.  Oh, my let the fantasy begin.

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