Hump a Bunny?  Seriously?  YES!  You read right!  I’m your Sexxxy Little Easter Bunny and I NEED YOU TO CUM WHIT ME…NOW!  What makes me like a Bunny?  Well, first of all, I just LOVE to fuck and just about ANYWHERE is open for discussion…and by DISCUSSION, I mean fuckery!  Bunny’s have no menses cycle to be concerned with and their mating season lasts more than three-quarters of the year.  They don’t have much else to do, so they FUCK! They fuck ALL THE TIME!

So, no time is more prolific for fucking than Easter time…right?  I mean, it’s all you hear about commercially…just like the other holidays…spend, spend, spend to show you care.  Not so much with me! I mean, two things are at play with me…Number 1, I cost (on the minimum call) less than you spend on lunch (could you spare a few pounds – for me? LOL). And Number 2…I’ll ALWAYS leave you more satisfied than Red Lobster, or the Olive Garden. Haha.

As I usually do, I shower, shampoo and shine, plump the lashes, put on my red lips…then on this auspicious occasion, I don my Playboy Bunny costume.  And not just some costume picked up at the local costumery either!  I, happen to be the SERIOUSLY PROUD OWNER (by LIVING inheritence) of my aunt’s coveted genuine Playboy Bunny Costume.  She was a Bunny in France, then she took the USA by storm when she put in for International Transfer.  Aunt Mardi was, as are most of the women in my family, a blonde bombshell.  She and mom are STILL the topics of horny men’s favorite fantasies overheard at poolside back home in France.  They were born and raised in a small town named Châteauroux, not far from where I grew up in Bourguignon, an even smaller hamlet.

Fast forward to the here and now.  I wear that famous (maybe, infamous??? LOL) costume and it’s never more fun than when I wear it while working the phone lines…In addition to my usual routine, Imagine me sitting atop my giant bed, slipping my fingers under that TINNNY, little strip of fabric that barely covers my sweet, tight, young pussy.   Hear me purr to you as you slide the zipper down to mid ass crack.  Me covering my tits with one arm as I giggle, watching you there at my heels…waiting for me to step out of the costume, so you can place it under your nose…smell that famed pineapple scent that no other woman has.  Lick it if you want.  Be treated to my fruit salad flavoring, Baby.

I’ll be working on Easter Sunday night.  Stop by and HUMP with me.  No Bunny humps better, or longer than me…Not even that Energizer Bunny! LOL.  CUM on by for some cock sucking and cum swallowing…Get your holiday phone sex with some free minutes on qualifying calls of 20 minutes, or more.

Easter Fun With Joey…


Your Little Cum Queen!