Being His Humiliatrix

Some men are under the impression that I just like to humiliate men. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’m an equal opportunity Humiliatrix: I like humiliating women, too.  Especially badly behaved women! I REALLY enjoy bringing them to their knees and teaching them that even though they THINK they’re special somehow? They’re really NOT.

Such an opportunity presented itself when I was asked by a very special man in my life to help put his ex-girlfriend in her place! And do I mind making his nasty little bitch of an ex crawl around on her knees in front of her displeased FORMER Master? OF COURSE I DON’T MIND! In fact, the very idea of performing in front of this strong, Dominating man made my pussy dripping wet! I fucked myself to the idea of being her Humiliatrix every single night for an entire WEEK before the actual session took place.

This lesson-learning session happened in his home, with the ex-girlfriend lured there under the pretense that he wanted to “talk”. The whole situation was due of course, to the fact that she did not WANT to be the EX. So it wasn’t too difficult- he said jump, she said how high, got in the car, and drove on over! When she arrived, she rang the bell. When there was no answer, she predictably walked in like she owned the place. She found him in the living room, eyes downward, reading his paper, unresponsive.

He never looked up from his paper – never gave her the privilege of his eye.

He quietly turned a page and continued reading as I stepped out from the kitchen, dressed all in black. Black corset, bare pussy, black lace thigh highs, garter belt, and of course my black designer stilettos. Her gaze went immediately from confusion to fury, and I softly laughed as her eyes trailed down to my extremely expensive shoes. I explained to her in a low, condescending  voice,  “A present from your Master, at the bargain price of $1050! After all, I needed the appropriate ass-kicking shoes for putting his biggest problem in it’s place!”

You would think someone had shot this bitch, the way her mouth was hanging open!  She angrily demanded from him to know what was going on. Of course, there was no response… just my low, pleased laughter. “Your Master will not acknowledge you today. Not your presence, nor anything you say. Today is about contrition, you mouthy little whore. Something you know nothing about, but are going to learn. IF you want this scrap of attention that you are being given, you will do EXACTLY as I say. PRECISELY when I say it – or, your audience with Him is at an end.

He wants to see you brought to your knees and punished for all the hateful lies you have spread.

You tried to punish and humiliate Him. Now YOU will be punished and humiliated in return. This is all you may expect from Him. Nothing else. He may not even watch. That is HIS decision. Do you accept this proposition? If so, close your mouth, open your ears, and go into the bedroom and strip down until you are completely nude.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Humiliatrix story to find out what I did to humiliate this dirty little slut next! 

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