Humiliation Sex Stories are so much fun.

I especially love Humiliation Sex Stories with sissies.

 Some sissies are really fun to play with, they know they’re pathetic little losers who are lucky to get attention from a girl like me. I like those ones, I can make them do anything, even humiliate themselves in public then show me what a giant desperate loser they are in private.

Patrick is probably the world’s ugliest sissy, he’s fat and in his 40’s with two divorces behind him. When he dresses up as Shondra he looks ridiculous, he doesn’t look even a little bit feminine and he tries so hard to be sexy. His fat face and beer gut don’t help. I saw a clip of him on his profile in a tight dress and begging to be fucked like a whore I nearly pissed myself laughing. 

There are a million better sissies out there and I knew no one would be giving this loser any attention. That makes him perfect for Humiliation Sex Stories because he’d be so grateful to have my attention that I could make him do anything I wanted.

 I got in touch and it took me ages to convince him I was real. Getting him hooked, I told him that he could spend the afternoon with me if he kept me entertained.

He promised to be a good sissy and I told him to send pics of him in different outfits. He did and I picked the worst one I could find. It was him in a light brown wig, bright red lipstick, a short black skirt. The skirt showed off his gut and tree trunk legs and a pink halter top. He looked rough and I knew he’d get all sorts of looks if he went out in public like that. 

I told him to wear that outfit then go to the supermarket and take his time picking out the biggest, firmest cucumber he could find then go to the pharmacy section and buy a box of condoms. I picked a store that was near me so I could watch the fun as it happened and waited to see if he would show up. Kinky Sex Stories were about to happen!

Ten minutes before he was supposed to show up I made my way to the fruit section. I pretended to check out the apples as I looked around for him.

I heard someone laughing and turned around. A young girl about my age was staring at the ugliest chick she’s ever seen. She was laughing her ass off. She even filmed him with her phone.

 I bet she’s going to put it online later. Watching Patrick aka Shondra wobble on her heels to the cucumbers and pick them up one by one, weighing them up and trying to find the perfect one was hilarious. I couldn’t believe he was actually doing this and followed him as he grabbed one then went to get his condoms. 

He noticed me but didn’t say anything as he took a box of condoms then went to the cashier.

Patrick aka Shondra handed her a huge cucumber and a box of condoms. The woman stared at him in his sissy outfit then looked at what he was buying.

 She looked freaked out and quickly scanned the items. The lady wanted to get this loser away as fast as possible and I wonder if she’s going to tell her girlfriends about the weirdo at work.

   Following him out the store I got in my car as planned. I was going to drive behind him as he went back to his place. Then we were going to put his cucumber to use.

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