Humiliation: Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

You know that look on her face when you cum too soon time after time.  The one of humiliation and disappointment.  Let us face it, just because you have a cock doesn’t mean you know how to use it.  Even though you have given it “your all”, to her, you just fall flat.  I am sure she has even told her friends what a fucking loser you are.  I bet they are all baffled as to why she even wastes her time with a pathetic little fuck like you.

Maybe it’s the size of your tiny dick that is the real disappointment.   She can’t help but relive her glory days of fucking men with real cocks, not your baby dick.  Has she told you, “It’s okay, size doesn’t matter to me?”  She is a fucking liar!  She knows you have a small cock, she just doesn’t want to be the one to tell you that.  Instead, she will feel sorry for you and let you eat her out instead.

Now, be a good boy and let her have some real satisfaction in her life.  If having her fuck real men isn’t in the cards, the least you could do is buy yourself some toys.  Get a nice long, fat dildo and really make her scream.  Better yet, let her turn the tables and show you just how much more fulfilling a big dick can be.  When the two of you are sitting there, switching, looking like a damn chalk outline from how hard you both came, tell me if you were able to get the job done before.  I already know the answer, but its always fun to hear a man admit her is inadequate.   I’ll be here waiting for your humiliation call!

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