Humiliation – My Heels Are Longer Than Your Dick

Humiliation phone sex is what makes my job so much fun!  Before working at the Kingdom I had no idea how small some men could be.  My fucking heels are longer than some of these pathetic dicks I’ve seen.  I also had no idea how many men would ask me be one hundred percent honest and humiliate them about there little baby dicks.  Humiliation quickly became one of my favorite type of calls.

I love when guys send me a picture of their little worm to start the call off.  I like to get a real deal idea of just how small his wittle thing really is.  Sometimes I will take off my heels and size it up next to the life sized picture.  I laugh so damn hard looking at how small, thin, or just disgusting his penis is.  I can almost feel him blushing on the other end of the line as I laugh and laugh until tears run down my cheeks.  He tells me he loves how real I am and how I don’t hold anything back.  What can I say, I’m the realest phone sex mistress you will ever have.

Sometimes, guys even want me to get my friends involved in their humiliation sessions.

They love when I show my friends their itty bitty dick pictures and tell him how we laughed together.  You know my friends are always just as shocked as I was at first that a man would even have the balls to show off something so embarrassing.  They are always asking me how these men can cum listening to girls degrade them in such a way.  I still don’t have the answer to that one, but I do enjoy the show.

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