Humiliation Foot Job

I had noticed how Michael paid attention to my feet a lot.  So I was going to give him a little taste of what I was capable of doing with them.  I took my foot that was still pressed up against his cock and started to move it up and down the length of his little dick.  He started to moan.  “Tell me what you want, Michael,” I said.  “Mmm, Mistress Brooke, please let me feel those perfect feet all over my little cock,” he replied.

I started to laugh, a little at first but it got stronger the more I thought about him actually calling that little thing a cock!  “I don’t know that it deserves that title.  It’s way too small to be called a cock.” I laughed.  “Yes, Mistress,” he said, “you’re right.”  I curled my toes over the head of his penis and could actually grip it with my toes.


“I noticed while you were pleasuring me, how much you paid attention to my cute little feet.  Do you have a thing for feet, Michael?” I asked.

“Yes, Mistress Brooke,” he replied, “I love your perfect feet and would do anything to have them.”  As he said this, I pressed harder into his cock with the heel of my foot before moving it up his body and curling my toes into the hair on his chest.  Sliding my foot to the side, grazing over his nipple, then the other, I curled my toes around it, pinching it between my toes.  He moaned and his little dickie twitched.  I rubbed him all the way up to his face and pressed it into his mouth.  “Suck my little toes, Michael,” I said as I pressed the farther into his open mouth.  He did as he was told sucking each toe individually.  Grabbing the heel of my foot his tongue traced the length of my foot, down to my heel, and back up to my cute painted toenails.

With my one foot being worshiped, I placed the other right on the tiny little thing he thought he could call a cock HAHA.  As I moved it up and down the whole two inches of him, he sucked harder on my toes.  “Mmm, suck those little toes, Michael,” I said.  I finally removed them from his mouth and joined him with my other on his baby dick.  LOL, I placed a foot on either side of him and pressed them together.  My toes curled over his tip as his hips started to move.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum until I say you can!  Do you understand Michael?” I asked.

“Yes, Mistress Brooke.  I understand, no cumming until you say so,” he replied.  “Very good,” I said as I tightened the pressure of my feet around his wee wee.  He started begging me, “Please Mistress, please let me cum.  I can’t hold back much longer.”  He was thrusting his hips back and forth, that little dick moving between my feet.  I started laughing hard and squirming a little.  “Michael, you’re tickling me!  It doesn’t even feel like you’re fucking my feet, it just tickles!” I said.

“Please Mistress Brooke!!! Please let me cum!!! Oh my God, Mistress, I can’t hold back anymore!  Can I please cum?!?”  He begged.  I don’t know what it was about the situation but I LOVED the fact that he was begging me to let him cum.  The power that I held over him at that moment was such a turn-on!!  “Does that little dickie want to cum for me, Michael?” I asked.  “Yes, Mistress!  Please let me cum!  I want to cum all over those perfect little toes!” He begged even more.  “Okay Michael,” I said, “let me see what that little guy can do.  Go ahead, cum all over my feet.

I wasn’t sure if that tiny dick could even cum.” I laughed.

“Oh yes, Mistress, it can definitely cum,” he replied.  He grabbed a hold of my feet, pressed them tightly around his little dick, and started to move them up and down the length of him.  He started shooting cum straight out of the tops of my feet, covering my toes.  His cum started oozing between my toes and running down my feet, there was so much and I just gasped in surprise.  “Damn, Michael!  That is a lot of cum!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, Mistress.  Your feet are so perfect and they got me SO excited!  Thank you for letting me cum all over them,” he said.  “Oh you’re not done yet,” I said, “now you need to clean them up.  I’m not letting you leave that mess all over me.”  “Yes Mistress Brooke,” he replied, as he took my feet and moved them up to his mouth.  He proceeded to suck and lick them cleaning off every drip of cum from my toes and feet.  “You are such a good little foot slave, Michael,” I said, “I think I’ll keep you around, hahaha!” I had so much fun humiliating Michael, that I decided this was something I would continue doing.  Do you have a tiny little dick?  Give me a call, I can always use a good laugh!!

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